Xavier Algenio is American Math Competition’s ‘1st in school’

April 23, 2021

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild, Philippines recently reported that Ateneo de Manila Junior High School mathlete Xavier Algenio (Montserrat/8-Isore) scored in the top 5% of the Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematics Competition 10 (MAA AMC 10), thus earning him a certificate of distinction. In addition, Xavier emerged as the top-scoring student from Ateneo de Manila Junior High School, earning him a First Place Certificate as well. The AMC 10 was held on February 5, 2021.

Xavier’s AMC 10 results qualified him to take the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) on March 10, 2021. The AIME was a 15-question, 3-hour examination whose results have not been reported yet. Top-scoring AIME participants will be invited to take the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) or USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO).