Meet the Junior High Rockers - the Latest Art Throbs

January 16, 2014

To the uninformed , the photos that you will see  of students piling rocks at the walkways of David Hall, may be interpreted as an act of defiance or some form of vandalism. 

But this is actually one of a series of experiments being conducted by the newest co-curricular activity of AJHS- a club  called Arthrob. 

The club members were particularly interested in finding out how  spectators react to their unusual form creative expression .  Among the many forms of creative expression lined up for this club in the coming weeks are the Yarn bombing activities ( which involve biodegradable yarn to be wrapped around trees), creating installation art pieces using plastic mineral water bottles, and drawing lines into soil then filling the ridges with sand, sawdust, or charcoal bits like the mystical crop circles.

Evidently, the kind of art experiences that these members are exposed to open them and the viewers to a new realm of creative expression and by far with only just 2 of the many similar activities carried out, the students have had some very interesting reactions from people of various walks of life in the campus.

After all art is meant to not just mirror the mind of the artist but it also serves as catalyst to reflect the sentiments of the beholders.