Opening Remarks of Mr Ricardo Crisostomo, Science Coordinator, at the Opening of the JHS Science Exhibit

February 06, 2014

Mrs. Carmela C. Oracion, fellow science educators and formators, our dear students and guests good morning!
In behalf of the Science Subject Area of the AJHS, it is with great honor and pleasure that I welcome you to the 2014 Science Exhibit here at the Vermi Composting Facility.  
Perhaps the most defining characteristic of this year is CHANGE. As we all know, this year is the initial implementation of the Grades 7 and 8 Science Curriculum at the AJHS. This implies changes in the curriculum. These changes put much demands and challenges in the teaching and learning of science that focuses on inquiry and transfer of learning.
Blocher, a well-known educator, once said, “Learning is not an expectator sport. It is an active, not passive enterprise. Accordingly, a learning environment must strive, even demand, the active engagement of the learner.”
Today, you will have the chance to engage and to learn about science by inquiry through the different interactive stations that were prepared by the students of the AJHS as manifestations of their transfer of learning.
The students of the AJHS, just like the busy worms who are silently working in the compost area turning organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, these students also work hard in the preparation of the interactive displays with the help and guidance of their science teachers and support from their parents and friends.
As educators, we know the importance of this exhibit in capturing students’ curiosity at an early age. This will encourage students to think critically and reflectively about the world around them. This will empower the young Ateneans to act responsibly for a better community.
Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to all those in one way or another help this exhibit possible.
We look forward to our continued collaboration and partnership in developing our youth not only in becoming scientifically literate but more so as members of a humane society.
Let us continue our journey at the AJHS for the Greater Glory of God and for the service of our country and fellowmen.
Welcome and have a fruitful and enjoyable science exploration!