Team from M10-Mangin wins Pope Francis Award at Research Project Congress

March 14, 2019
Malou Antonio

From left: Tyrese Mencias, Luis Barredo, Ron Santos, Rafael De Guzman, RD Sagun (Science Faculty).
The AJHS Science Subject Area held its annual Research Project Congress for Grade 10 students last February 22, 2019 at the ITC. This year’s contest was entitled, “AMDG for SDG: Ad Majorem dei Gloriam for Sustainable Development Goals.” The winning groups in the various categories are as follows: 

The Pope Francis Award for Best Research Project: “Integrating Rice Hull Ashes (RHA) in Concrete Brick Production: Opportunities for Constructing Sustainable Sidewalk Pavements” by Luis Antonio Barredo, Rafael Juan S. De Guzman, Tyrese Albert A. Mencias, and Ron Pierre S. Santos of 10-Mangin.   

The Fr. William Schmitt Award For Scientific Writing: “The Effect of Mosquito Fern (Azolla pinnata) Feeding on the Growth of Cobb Broiler Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus)” by Gerard Mikhail C. Argonza (M10-Mangin), Zacchary Isaiah V. Layug (M10-Mangin), Emmanuel Jacob D. Felipe (M10-Morse), and Lord Wally D. Rivas (M10-Pacheco) of M10-S3. 

From left: Gerard Argonza, Lord Rivas, and Zacchary Layug. Not in photo: Emmanuel Felipe

The Fr. Francisco M. Perez Award for Oral Scientific Communication: “Potentials and Challenges of Creating a Three-Dimensional Photogrammetry Model of a Structural Unit” by Manuel Luis B. Borromeo, Joaquin Lorenzo V. Germar, Raphael Martin D. Jimenez II and Jacob Francis P. Meimban of C10-Canisius.

From left: Manuel Borromeo, Joaquin Germar, Raphael Jimenez II, and Jacob Meimban.

The Fr. Victor L. Badillo Award For Scientific Endeavor: “A Study on the Effect of the Type of Musa Peel and its State of Being Raw on its Capability as a Sorbent in Terms of Oil Pickup and Hydrophobia” by Carl Dominic V. Aguilar, Allec Benedict D. Apdo, Sebastian C. Menzon, Kian Miguel F. Pajaro, and Sebastian C. Yunque of C10-Berthieu.  

From left: Allec Apdo, Sebastian Menzon, Sebastian Yunque, Kian Pajaro, and Carl Aguilar.

The Fr. Prudencio F. Macayan Award For Benefit to the Local Community: “The Use of a Peltier  Tile in the Design and Construction of a Portable Refrigerator for Vaccines” by Aldon Gabriel B. Acenas, Paolo Iñigo N. Acevedo, Luke Rafael A. Buban, and Miguel Alvaro S. Tamase of L10-S2/10-Ferreres.

The Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres Award for Potential Commercial Development: “Characterization and Evaluation of Cycas revolute (Sago) Starch Bioplastic as Edible Substitute to Polypropylene Straw” by Rafael Sancho R. Eleazar, Howard Ray G. Pelobello, and Carl Robin G. Saluta of P10-Yuki.  

From left: Carl Saluta, Rafael Eleazar, and Howard Pelobello.

The Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin Award for Sustainability: “Utilization of Eucheuma denticulatum (Guso) and Caulerpa lentillifera (Lato) as Main Components of Bioplastics” by Diego C. Dela Cruz, Paolo Luis M. Eleazar, Luis Antonio D. Genato, and Pedro Luis J. Salongsongan of C10-Briant/C10-S1.

From left: Diego Dela Cruz, Pedro Salongsongan, Paolo Eleazar, and Luis Genato.