Ateneo is PULL ultimate champ; Cui is finals MVP and Demayo is in Mythical 7

September 19, 2019
Gerome Carlos

Ateneo Ultimate with its PULL trophy. The team consists of 15 players from ASHS and seven from AJHS.
Consisting of players from Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS) and Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS),  Ateneo Ultimate emerged as champion of the Philippine Ultimate Little League (PULL) tournament last Sept. 14, 2019. Five Ateneans also received individual achievement awards. Robby Cui (Cardoner/10-Chabanel) was named Finals MVP while Meshach Demayo (La Storta/10-Garnier), Alfonso Abrogar (12-Anchieta), Andrei Joson (12-Navarro), and Yuan Lava (11-Campion) were given four of the seven Mythical 7 slots.  

(From left) Demayo, Abrogar, Lava, Joson, Cui

The 22-strong team consists of seven boys from AJHS and 15 students from ASHS. From AJHS are Cui, Demayo, Ethan Aquino (C9-Baena), Rafael Reyes (L10-Gelabert), Lean Quimbo (P10-Yuki), Ani Santos (L10-Garnier), and Lean Ardivilla (L10-Garnier). From ASHS are Abrogar, Joson, Lava, Luis Carlos (12-Evans), Tank Astorga (11-Realino), Marlo Gaddi (12-Denn), Nico Punzalan (11-Bellarmino), Kevin Dizon (12-Oldcorne), Migo Unson (12-Anchieta), Jorel Guiab (12-Bobola), Enzo Olegario (11-Wright), Raymond Lamzon (11-San Vitores), John Monroy (12-Gonzales), Franz De Leon (12-Pantalia), and Blue Manuel (12-Xavier). They were coached by Gerome Carlos.

The PULL tournament was held at the Alabang Country Club on August 31, September 7, and September 14, 2019. Among the teams our boys were victorious against were La Salle (13-3), Claret (13-3), and Southridge (finals, 13-8).