Born-2002 football team is Xavier Cup 1st runner-up

December 05, 2019

(Front row kneeling from left) Joaquin Reyes, Aidan Aguirre, Craig Coronel, Santino Reyes; (second row standing from left) Coach Pilo Torres, Chico Zabella, Shawn Perea, and Iago Ilagan.

Ateneo de Manila’s Born-2007 Football Team emerged as first runner-up of the 2019 Xavier Cup on December 1, 2019. The members of the team who are in AJHS are Aidan Aguirre (Cardoner/7-Andlauer), Craig Coronel (Montserrat/7-Harcourt), Iago Ilagan (La Storta/7-Pires), Shawn Perea (La Storta/7-Collins), Joaquin Reyes (Cardoner/7-Alfonso), Santino Reyes (La Storta/7-Corby), and Chico Zabella (La Storta/7-Colombiere). The boys were coached by Pilo Torres, Aldous Mirafuentes, and Rolando Cabaniero. The Xavier Cup 2019 was held on Dec. 1, 2019 at Xavier School in San Juan.