QC/Ateneo team is Boys’ 13U champion of Gothia Cup China!

August 27, 2019
Rosa Liamzon

Composed of seven Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS) varsity players and one Ateneo Grade School (AGS) varsity player, the Quezon City Football Team- emerged as Boys’ 13U champion of the Gothia Cup China held in Qingdao Province, China, from August 11-16, 2019. These Ateneans are Elronde Valdez of Cardoner/9-Baena, Kewell Doque of Montserrat/8-Ireland, Rocco Liamzon of Montserrat/8-Ireland, Roque Bonifacio of La Storta/7-Collins, AG de Villa of Cardoner/7-Alfonso, Daniell Tabares of Montserrat/8-Isore, Manu Liamzon of Montserrat/7- Harcourt, and Tim Patawaran of 6-Mendiola. They won the title against the Beijing 101 Football Team during the finals. Three hundred forty teams from 36 countries participated in this year’s Cup. For a week, football was played on 42 different venues while winners in 15 classifications and visions were crowned.  

Manu Liamzon
Elronde Valdez

Roque BonifacioTim Patawaran
Kewell Doque
AG de Villa Rocco Liamzon Daniell Tabares