Thirteen AJHS Students Pay Homage to Rizal

February 11, 2014

The Ateneo Junior High School paid homage to the great Alumnus Dr Jose Rizal in their annual Pagbigkas ( Filipino Declamation ) contest.

Held at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre last February 7, 2014, the event showcased the talents of  13 of the best Filipino Declaimers in Grade 8  who each delivered their unique redition of Rizal's famous poem Sa Kabataang Pilipino ( To the Filipino Youth ).

Rizal's opus specifically addressed the youth of his time,  where he challenges them to be hard working in order to be great leaders. The poem's central message  was actually  culled from Jose Rizal's famous quote that goes "Nasa kamay ngkabataan and kinabukasan ng bayan" ( the future of your nation is in your hands ) . It  reminds the youth to constantly strive hard as they are the future of the entire country and the hope of the nation.

Watch these boys breath new life to the poem that is as relevant as it is today as it was back then.