Class 55 donates to EAGLE Fund

January 11, 2016

Ateneo de Manila High School’s Class 55 last week donated an additional P1.1 million to the EAGLE fund, otherwise known as the Economic Assistance Grants for Lay-Educators of the Ateneo de Manila high School.

The donation was turned over to Ateneo de Manila University President Fr Jett Villarin, SJ by ten representatives of the Diamond Jubilarian Class.

The EAGLE Fund was established in 1979 by Ateneo de Manila High School batch 54 during their Silver jubilee homecoming. It started with less than a million but the succeeding batch augmented the fund with P2.055 million during their golden jubilee in 2005 and again with P1.1 million to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee last year. It was also boosted by additional donations from High School Classes 1956, 1957, and 1958 during their silver jubilarian years.

The fund was created on the initiative of Fr. Edmundo M. Martinez, S.J., then Director of the Planning and Development & Alumni Affairs Office with the aim to upgrade, maintain, and develop the high quality of education in the Ateneo High School by granting the annual Distinguished Teaching Awards to lay teachers

Primarily, the EAGLE Fund was established to attract and retain outstanding faculty, and at the same time to develop and promote high quality teaching performance at the Ateneo High School.
The EAGLE Fund awardees are selected based on University procedures and policies each year without prejudice to their qualifying for the awards in succeeding years, on the basis of competence in and dedication to the teaching profession.
The members of Class 55 present at the donation ceremonies were  Atty. Mingging Ordoveza, Antonio Evangelista, Reli German, Reynaldo S Guevara, Rodolfo Ledesma Jr., Antonio A Lopa, Felicito Payumo, Jesus Pineda, Crispino Reyes, and Santiago Robles.