High School Golden Jubilarians donate rare books to the Rizal Library

August 30, 2016

Welcome back to your ALMA MATER!

Your group is called ADMU 198, representing GS ’62, HS ‘66 and Col ‘70. (62+66+70=198!) Your Alma Mater is always happy to have you back.

As you can see, there are so many changes –

STRUCTURES: This new Rizal Library; the upcoming Arete (creativity and innovation hub); SHS building; covered walkways; etc.

PROGRAMS: The new academic calendar AUG-DEC (1st sem), JAN-MAY (2nd sem), JUN-JUL (inter-session); I18N; K-12 program; GIRLS in the SHS!

Thank You for your GIFT

This month we are celebrating the Ignatian Month. Your gift of 2 rare books on the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola (circa 1679, one of 11 extant copies in the world!) and the Spiritual Exercises (circa 1665), is a fitting accolade to this small man who bent his knees and his life for the greater glory of God.  The life of St Ignatius and the Spiritual Exercises are important to tell and to learn from by our students and faculty. I understand there is a third book by Fr Francisco Suarez SJ (1548-1617), a leading theologian during Spain’s Golden Age. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THESE BOOKS?

On behalf of the Ateneo de Manila University, I gratefully receive these gifts of rare books for our students and faculty. Thank you also to the Rizal Library, represented here by its Director, Dr Von Totanes, for accepting the responsibility of keeping the legacy of these gifts.

As this year’s Jubilarians for the homecoming in December, I would like to appeal to you to give for SCHOLARSHIPS.

Mr Ed David is the Chair of the AUDIT and RISKS COMM of the BOARD. He knows the status of our scholarships, which is at risk of not being able to sustain the no. of scholars we would like to have. Our target is to have 20% up to 40% of our students to be scholars, i.e., one (or 2) out of every 5 students to be scholars.

We have existing endowments, generously given many years ago. But, as you know, investment yields have not caught up with the increase in tuition and fees. As such, we are now moving towards raising GRANTS. Grants are smaller, but are guaranteed amounts. If each of you would give, then we would have 50+ new scholars next year!

GRANTS (for the entire education – tuition and fees)

P800T – LS (covers an entire 4-year course)
P700T - JHS  (covers 4 years)
P350T – SHS (covers 2 years)
P1.5M – ASMPH (covers 5 years)


P1.5M – Professorial Chair (College faculty)
P3.5M – College scholarship
P3.3M – SHS scholarship
P3.1M – JHS scholarship
P5.0M – Med School scholarship

Thank you, once again, and may you have a joyous homecoming!