Inclusive Mobility

Project Brief

Inclusive Mobility is the short name for the project “Catalyzing New Mobility in Cities: the Case of Metro Manila.” The project is implemented by the Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid in Southeast Asia Program at the Ateneo School of Government with Support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

For 2 years, the project has developed new platform for engaging various communities, organizations, agencies, and individuals and served as an integrator and awareness-raiser on critical but unheralded innovations in Metro Manila about mobility. The project also established robust resource center on the web and has begun a mind shift from the narrow view of the problem as “traffic” to a larger view of the problem as “mobility”, with special emphasis on the accessibility of the poor and vulnerable to livelihood, work, public services, and other activities and centers.

What is Inclusive Mobility?

  1. A transport system that works for the poor and the vulnerable.
  2. A walkable, bikeable, acccessible city.
  3. Moving people, not vehicles.
  4. Mobility with safety and civility.
  5. Clean air, clean streets, clean vehicles, and clean facilities.
  6. Planning and communicating better and travelling less.
  7. Sharing information to increase connectivity and accessibility.
  8. Making our neighborhoods more accessible to the rest of the city.
  9. Changing mindsets and behaviors – the authorities’ as well as ours.
  10. Mobility of all, for all, by all.

 Project Brief

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