Certificate in Talent Management

This is a 4-day course designed to help participants align Business and HR practices into an end to end process that manages the key talents of the company.

Course Outline

Module I: Business Strategy

Participants will analyze the business strategy of their organization by determining the type of positioning the organization is taking in its market and understanding the various external factors affecting them.

Module II: Human Capital Strategy

This module will help one determine the organizational competencies that the company is prioritizing by identifying key thrusts, metrics, and culture required to achieve the strategic goals.
Module III: The Six P’s

  • Project: Participants will learn about creating workforce plans that will help identify the right organization structure, identify criteria to determine key talents and critical roles in the organization that will help achieve the strategy optimally.
  • Profile: This module entails determining the competencies required in the critical role alongside the baseline proficiency levels required for each competency. Thus identifying competency gaps as well.
  • Pick: Participants will learn to assess their talents by determining what roles to “buy, build or borrow.” Thus defining what internal and external resources will be needed. How to recruit and onboard “new talent” will also be discussed.
  • Prepare: : Participants will learn how to assess their “new talents” by analyzing their aspiration and commitment level and if they are aligned with the competencies. They will also learn how to define and execute development plans. By tracking progress and providing feedback in development, will be able to assess the readiness level to assume new position.
  • Provide: This module involves setting performance objectives, defining performance support, ongoing learning and development needs and feedback mechanisms.
  • Plan:  In this module, participants learn how to monitor, assess and reward performance.
Dates Available: 
23 100.00