Diploma in OD Intensive

The Diploma in OD Intensive Program is designed for HR practitioners, line managers, and consultants who wish to begin a career or enhance their practice in OD. This program is for experienced OD practitioners who want to deepen theoretical grounding and build OD-relevant skills. Prior OD experience is not a requirement, but considerable work experience and maturity is critical for optimal learning. This Diploma is composed of five modules that will need to be completed in 20 days. These are: 

  • Foundations of Organization Development
  • OD Process Consultation
  • OD Diagnosis
  • OD Intervention Design and Evaluation
  • Working with Complex Change

The program will be carried through lectures, group discussions, plenary, SLEs and a culminating project. All courses will employ a highly inductive approach in delivering content. Sessions will capitalize on experiential learning and practical application of concepts.

Program Objectives:

At the end of the course, the participants are able to:

1.     Explain the core theories, assumptions, and valued of Organization Development
2.     Discuss the OD consulting cycle.
3.     Demonstrate effective use of self in consulting situations
4.     Effectively demonstrate the core skills in
        a. Process Consultation
        b. Diagnosis
        c. Intervention design and implementation 

           5.    Demonstrate skills and apply strategies in managing complex change

Target Participants:

HR Practitioners, line managers and consultants
Note: Prior OD experience is not a requirement, however considerable work experience and maturity is critical for optimal learning

Course Schedule:

No. of learning hours for online program: TBA
Schedule of online program synchronous sessions:

1) Feb – May 2022
2) Sept – Dec 2022

Time: TBA

Dates Available: 
Course Outline: 
180 000.00