DOD Course 5: Certificate in Working with Complex Change


1. Foundations of Organization Development
2. OD Process Consultation Skills
3. OD Diagnosis
4. OD Intervention Design and Evaluation

The work environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  This certificate course aims to equip the OD practitioner with frameworks, theories and tools in handling complex change.

As a result of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of complex change
  • Apply different tools and approaches to navigate through complex change
  • Create a holistic OD plan for their client system
  • Demonstrate effective use of self (i.e. power, influence, anxiety, engagement)

Module 1 Overview of Complex Change
In this module, participants will be introduced to complexity landmarks and complex change definition, key concepts, and theories.  Tools to identify and map complex change and implications on OD practice will be discussed.

Module 2 Working with Complex Change
In this module participants will  given an overview of  backroom and front room work.  They will discuss strategies on working with polarities, leaders, culture and patterns in complex change. Furthermore, participants will develop an involvement strategy.

Module  3 Use of Self in Complex Change
Participants will explore issues of power, influence and anxiety. They will reflect on their OD journey.

Dates Available: 
41 800.00