Special Awards for Grade 6

Distinguished Conduct Award
This award is given to a Grade 6 student who has received the SPECIAL MERIT award, meaning, the graduate has reached 40 merits and above, provided that he has not incurred any institutional demerits in the Middle School.
Jordan Award
The Jordan Award, which is named after Rev. William Jordan, S.J., is granted to the graduate who approaches the Ateneo ideal of a well-rounded student most closely.  Fr. Jordan was a distinguished former Headmaster of the Ateneo Grade School.
The awardee is selected on the basis of:

•  quality of class work
•  outstanding leadership
•  achievement in varied school activities
•  leadership roles in various school  projects and undertakings
•  exemplary behavior in his day to day school life
•  interest in varied aspects of community living
•  involvement in service oriented activities.
Co-Curricular Awards
A Grade 6 student receives the co-curricular award for the year provided that:
a. He received a co-curricular award during one of the quarters of the school year, and
b. Has been a consistently outstanding member of his activity.  This should be evident in his leadership, service, participation and accomplishments in the activity.

A co-curricular award may be withheld if no one in the activity is deemed deserving of it.
Co-Curricular Program
Clubs and Organizations
Varsity and Sports
Student Government
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