1. Junior Term Abroad (JTA) and Summer Term Abroad (STA) Programs
    1. Description
      • The JTA and STA Programs are international student mobility programs that allow students to take classes in a partner university abroad for one semester (Summer, Fall, or Spring), which may be credited as electives in their respective programs.
    2. General Guidelines
      • All JTA students must take the equivalent of 15 academic units while overseas, to be credited as major and free electives. STA students can have an equivalent of 3 or 6 academic units, depending on the host university, credited as major or free electives.
      • No courses will be validated if a student fails any of the courses that were taken overseas.
      • Grades earned overseas will be included in the computation of the retention average in the program but not in the cumulative
      • Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to extend his or her stay beyond the intended duration (one full semester for JTA, one full summer term for STA).
      • Students are expected to book their own flights and look for their own accommodations.
    3. Pre-application Criteria
      • Student in good standing from any JGSOM program:  ME, Mgt, Mgt-H, MAC, CTM, LM & ITE.
      • Student must have no involvement in any major discipline case.
      • Student must be academically above average (General guideline: Cumulative QPI of 2.70 and above).
      • Student applying for JTA (Fall) must be taking PH 101, and/or MKT 101 (depending on program) on the second semester of sophomore year.
      • Student must be at least 18 years old.
    4. Application Requirements
      • JGSOM Student Mobility Program Application Form,
      • Letter of Motivation addressed to the coordinator indicating the reason for applying,
      • Grade Report from 1st year printed and signed by the program secretaries,
      • Curriculum Vitae,
      • Guidance and Medical Clearance, and
      • Recommendation Letter from a former teacher.
    5. Assignment of Destinations
      • All accepted applicants will be ranked.
      • Ranking will be based on grades, leadership qualities, service-oriented involvements and the endorsement of the program director.  The difference between Honors and non-Honors programs will be considered, as well as involvement in minor discipline cases.
      • Rankings will determine the order in which students select their university destinations.
    6. Pre-Departure Requirements
      • A total of Php10,000 non-refundable application fee (Php2,000) and confirmation and processing fee (Php8,000),
      • Signed waiver of liability and commitment to return forms,
      • Letter of consent from parents or guardian,
      • Completed JTA Pre-departure Seminars Class Card, and
      • Payment of International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) fee,
      • Learning Agreement Form, and
      • Clearance to Leave Form.
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
      • What are the requirements for application? When does the application process start?
        • The initial application process for JTA begins on September to screen students who are eligible to take PH 101 and/or MKT 101 during the second semester of sophomore year. The formal application process for both JTA and STA begins early January. The requirements are found above.
      • How will the country/school selection process be like? Can I change the country/school I applied for?
        • All applicants will be ranked based on their academic performance, leadership qualities, service-oriented activities, endorsement of the program director and discipline. Once you have chosen your school, you may no longer switch to a different school except in special circumstances.
      • How does JTA affect my IPS or my units? Will the grades I get in JTA reflect in my QPI? When you do JTA are you taking on a full semester's course load? Will all classes be credited? Can we credit the subjects taken there to our subjects here in Ateneo?
        • During your JTA, you are required to take a full semester's load (i.e. 15 academic credits or 5 classes) to be credited as your major and free electives. If you fail any one of these classes, NONE of your classes will be credited. The grades you get in your JTA will be counted in your program's retention requirement computation but will not be counted in computing for your cumulative QPI. In general, see your program director before leaving for the term abroad for approval of the classes you will be taking abroad to be credited.
      • Do we have to extend a year if we choose to go on JTA?
        • No, except in special cases. Your individual program of study will already be modified to ensure that you graduate in time.
      • Can we choose which semester will be spent abroad?
        • Yes, students can choose to participate in either the Fall or Spring semester.
      • Can you please provide us with projected costs for the different programs so we can discuss our options with our family? How much is usually spent for ASEAN, Asian, European countries, and Australia?
        • To make things more clear, you are still considered a student of Ateneo and, therefore, must pay the tuition fees (known as the International Student Exchange Program or ISEP fee) due for your junior year. In the case of fee-paying students, you no longer need to pay for one term in Ateneo. On top of this, see the page on the different partner universities and the usual budget for the cost of living abroad.
      • What happens to people who get disqualified after being accepted to the program?
        • They would have spent a Php10,000 confirmation and processing fee plus a USD100 cancellation fee if they already submitted their application to the partner university.
      • Do we have to look for our own house/dorm?
        • Yes. However, the partner institutions will aid in selecting on-campus and off-campus dormitories for safety, security and convenience.
      • Can I still minor if I go on JTA?
        • Yes, if you meet all the requirements of obtaining a minor. However, make sure you have sought the necessary approvals BEFORE you leave for JTA.
  2. Business Study Tour
    1. ​Description
      • A short-term study tour abroad that exposes students to the culture, history, and business landscape of the country of destination. Unlike the JTA and STA programs, these study tours are not credit-bearing.
    2. General Guidelines
      • The tour is open to all JGSOM Students, including fresh graduates.
      • In general, no academic credits will be given for participation in the program.
      • Students NEED NOT book their own flights and look for their own accommodations. Everything will already be arranged for you.
      • A faculty chaperone will accompany the tour group at all times.
    3. Application Requirements
      • JGSOM Student Mobility Program Application Form
      • Participation fee of at least 2,500 USD (depending on country of destination)
    4. Tour Inclusions
      • Some meals
      • Accommodations and roundtrip airfare
      • Lectures to be conducted by professors from our partner institutions
      • Visit to factory or office of local companies
      • Visit to cultural and historical landmarks
      • Free time to do what you want such as shopping, food trip, etc.
    5. Destinations
      • China
      • South Korea