List Of Classes


Law 11: Essentials of Philippine Business Law (3 units)

The course aims to provide students with an overview of laws related to business in those governing the transactions necessary for the conduct of an enterprise. The study of the laws would be complemented by court case studies, to gain an interpretation and understanding of the nature of these transactions.

Law 11 Syllabus.pdf
Law 21: Obligations and Contracts (3 units)

An in-depth study of the nature, kinds, and effects of obligations and their extinguishments; contracts, their requisite, form, and interpretation; and defective contracts, quasi-contracts, natural obligations, and estoppel.

Law 21 Syllabus.pdf
Law 22: Law on Business Organizations & Intellectual Properties (3 units)

An introduction to the basic provisions of the Corporation Code, and general concepts in intellectual property law, the protection they guarantee, and the actions and remedies involved therein.

Law 22 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 101: Principles of Marketing (3 units)

A study that builds on the evolution of modern management toward a marketing-oriented view of business; stressing the underlying principle of the “marketing concept”; and integrating concepts in relation to consumer needs, marketing information, product development, pricing, distribution, selling, advertising, and promotions.

MKT 101 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 102: Opportunity Seeking and Marketing Analysis (5 units)

The student learns to identify the needs of society, to actively seek answers to these needs in the form of new products or services, to quantify the risks of offering these products or services to the market, and to evaluate the resulting projects in terms of societal priorities and the well- being of the larger community. The student builds on the underlying principle that he should seek to generate a fair return by meeting the needs of his customers, rather than emphasizing purely on his own interests and concerns.

MKT 102 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 103: Principles of Marketing and Market Research (3 units)

A study of basic marketing principles, the dynamics of marketing, buyer motivation and behavior, services and organizations and the essentials of effective marketing strategies. The course takes an integrated and strategic view of the process of formulating and implementing a coherent and competitive “marketing mix”.

MKT 103 Syllabus.pdf


Law 199C: Special Topics in Law: Law on Media and the Arts (3 units)

The Law on Media and the Arts is a course on the legal principles governing the constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Expression. The course likewise covers various laws, rules and regulations on the responsible exercise of this right and the utilization of media, forms of expression and the arts, including acceptable and legal forms of expression as opposed to those which may rightfully be regulated.

Law 199C Syllabus.pdf
MKT 104: Marketing Communications (3 units)

This course is an introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), the role in resolving marketing issues for the brand and the company, the principles in delivering consumer-centric and distinct compelling message – both from a brand level and product level, and the tools to maximize consumer engagement to truly create the needed “change” by fully maximizing traditional and emerging communication vectors, particularly digital.

MKT 104 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 111: Marketing Research (3 units)

A scientific approach to decision making in marketing. Topics include cost and value information, product testing, consumer data bases, research designs, sampling techniques, data gathering techniques, creative data interpretation, simulation and implementation of actual research findings.

MKT 111 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 112: Brand Management (3 units)

A study of basic marketing that integrates learning from finance, accounting, management and economics as applied to actual products in the marketplace. Students are given specific brand assignments and are to think and decide like real-life marketing professionals. Heavy emphasis is given to group dynamics.

MKT 112 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 121: Advertising Management (3 units)

This course is an introductory study of advertising from the specific point of view of Account Management within the advertising agency. It involves the understanding and appreciation of proper strategies--Advertising, Creative and Media -- as bases for correct, effective and efficient advertising campaigns in the Philippines. It also examines fully the roles played by the different department of an agency and the various segments of the advertising industry that pertain to each of them. This course will benefit future advertising practitioners whether as account managers in ad agencies, or as advertising or brand managers of clients, or as heads of their own companies.

MKT 121 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 122: Sales Management (3 units)

A study of the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of sales activities; including setting objectives, designing strategy, recruiting, selecting, training, supervising and evaluating the sales force.

MKT 122 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 171: International Business Opportunities (3 units)

A study of foreign markets, domestic capabilities, competition, shipping alternatives, raw material supply situation, incentive plans, credit availability, and imports to support export development and diversification.The course pre-requisites are: Mkt 101 or Mkt 102.

MKT 171 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 172: International Marketing (3 units)

The course focuses on the conceptual framework for international marketing and the business environment (economic, socio-cultural, political, legal and regulatory) in which global companies must operate. It provides the student with the knowledge and tools for assessing and analyzing international market opportunities and threats, as well as the ability to formulate marketing strategies and programs with a global perspective. It presents the interplay of dynamic driving forces in the global business environment, the rapid economic integration of the world, and how these factors impact on the formulation and implementation of international marketing strategies.

MKT 172 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 173: Export Marketing (3 units)

The course covers the conceptual framework for the conduct of international trade, and focuses on exporting as a basic foreign market entry strategy. It provides the student the tools for assessing and analyzing the export potential of products and services as well as the screening and selection of foreign target markets. It presents the interplay of dynamic forces influencing the global business environment: economic and socio-cultural, physical and environmental, political and legal, competitive and distributive, and how they impact on formulating export marketing strategies. It comprehensively covers the export marketing mix and provides working knowledge of the procedures, documentation, as well as the conduct of business according to generally accepted international trade and banking practices.

MKT 173 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 199CD: Business Venture Lab 1 & 2 (6 units)

Business Venture Laboratory 1 and 2 are the first courses of a 3-consecutive school term program that will coach students into starting-up a sustainable company. These Summer Courses comprise the initial modules of a three-consecutive term program that will coach students in developing their product or service idea into a working model.

MKT 199CD Syllabus.pdf
MKT 199FG: Business Development Lab 1 & 2 (6 units)

Business Development Laboratories 1 and 2 are designed to assist entrepreneurial teams who have successfully finished Business Ventures 1 and 2 to create proofs-of-concept of their ideas and execute marketing and sales campaigns toward the fulfillment of business objectives. In addition, participants to the course are expected to create a comprehensive business plan and investment offering term sheet to possible capital funding by angel or even venture capitalists. Student teams may be provided with office space and facilities that will serve as their startup business address from which to begin marketing and selling their products and/or services. Grades for the 6 units are independent of the ability to obtain capital funding.

MKT 199FG Syllabus.pdf
MKT 199N: Special Topics in Marketing: Fashion Merchandising Management (3 units)

Fashion merchandising management course revolves around the business side of fashion and offers incredible opportunities for students who love fashion and want to make their own fashion business or start a fashion career. The course covers merchandising concepts, methods and calculations vital to successful business practices in the fashion industry. It also studies the principles, procedures, and techniques practiced by buyers and merchandisers of fashion goods in determining what assortments to buy and which resources to select depending on the market segment.

MKT 199N Syllabus.pdf
MKT 199O: Special Topics in Marketing - Non-Traditional Marketing for Entrepreneurs (3 units)

An introduction to key concepts and practical methods of marketing under a restricted budget, a prevalent situation in most start-up businesses and SMEs. Focus is on non-traditional marketing and selling techniques, though cost-saving techniques and use of tri-media ads are also explored.

MKT 199O Syllabus.pdf
Law 125: Labor Law and Social Legislation (3 units)

Introduction to the basic concepts related to labor law, particularly with labor standards and labor relations.

Law 125 Syllabus.pdf
Law 131: Family Law (3 units)

An examination of the statutory provisions on persons and family relations, as contained in the preliminary and human relations chapter of the Civil Code of the Philippines and the Family Code. Topics include property relations between spouses, paternity and filiations, adoption, and support and emancipation.

Law 131 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 142: Service Marketing - Selling the Intangible (3 units)

This course aims to prepare students to understand what services marketing is and to become consumers and future managers able to think and act critically in this field. This awareness and appreciation of services would enable these students to function as effective executives in a services market, who are able to develop and implement sustainable and successful marketing strategies using various frameworks in understanding the customer, uncovering insights and formulating innovations in service.

MKT 142 Syllabus.pdf
MKT 199IJ: Business Start-up Operations 1&2 (6 units)

Business Start-Up Operations 1 and 2 is the third and final course in the three-term program designed to coach prospective entrepreneurs in developing their enterprise to a working and going concern. Participants would have organized themselves as business owners (equity holders) as well as into functional business teams (operating groups). They would have completed product (or service) development already and will now engage in initial marketing and sales efforts. Revenue generation and production mean that the business now needs to put together and complete financial statements such as cash flows, income statements and balance sheets where their knowledge will be refreshed or they will be coached.

Mkt 199IJ Syllabus.pdf