3 JGSOM freshmen get full scholarship grants from Globe-SingTel

May 27, 2016

Getting a scholarship entails having a commitment to maintain grades and keep doing well. All this involves the development of one’s perseverance, hard work and patience.

This is not an easy path to take but for Miguel, Natalie and Pia, it is a door they have just unlocked.

These freshmen from the Ateneo de Manila University John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM) are among the 5 recipients of the 2016 Globe-Singapore Telecommunications Ltd., (SingTel) Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

For them, their futures have not only been set—their futures have just started.

The Globe SingTel scholarship

According to its website, Globe, together with its major shareholder SingTel, grants a full scholarship that aims to support aspiring students who want to grow and develop their skills in the world of telecommunications and information and communications technology (ICT) in the Asia Pacific.

The scholarship covers most of the students’ expenses during college life, including their tuition and allowances for books, transportation and living expenses, guaranteed internship both at Globe and SingTel and even a position in Globe’s Management Development Program.

Clearly, the benefits of the scholarship are helpful and it really ensures the students’ education and future careers. The thought, however, of applying for a scholarship seems to make students take a step back.

Natalie Tiu, a BS Management-Honors student, shares that at first, she felt discouraged to try for the grant.

"I applied for the scholarship without the expectation of being called back or of getting through,” she says.

Left to Right: Mark Chong, Ernest Cu, Pia Zulueta, Cassandra Lim, Natalie Tiu, Miguel Guerrero (Photo courtesy of Miguel Guerrero)
The 3 JGSOM scholars (photo courtesy of Pia Zulueta)

BS in Information Technology Entrepreneurship student Pia Zulueta, on the other hand, says that getting the grant was such a shock to her because she didn't expect to get it.

Miguel Guerrero, a BS Management Engineering student, also shares a similar experience.

At first, he says, he didn’t think much of it and thought he didn’t have much of a shot.

"I was unconvinced about my chances with the scholarship, but I figured that if somebody thought I could do it, then I might as well try,” he adds, referring to his friend who encouraged him to apply.

Getting the grant
Part of the screening process includes interviews with top officials from Globe and SingTel. Although this doesn’t need rigorous training, it requires preparation and a lot of self-confidence.

Pia shares that in order to prepare for the interview, she relied on just being herself.

“It’s a matter of knowing myself and being able to show the interviewers who I am and what I can contribute to the telco industry,” she says.

She adds that the interviews didn’t feel like a competition because she and her fellow applicants had great times sharing their ideas and passions.

Admittedly, Natalie says that she didn’t know anything about the 2 companies at the beginning.

"I did not study about Globe or SingTel before I had my first interview in January. I was just a Globe subscriber, merely a customer,” she says. “Later into the process, I did some light research about what the company stood for.”

Miguel, like Pia, focuses on his confidence.

“I simply had to trust in all of the skills and abilities that I already had at the time,” he says, referring to his training sessions with his high school debate team, his 2-month internship at a local start-up and the projects that he worked on for the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association.

“The scholarship is something that’s almost impossible to prepare for with a limited amount of time, as with anything else in life that’s worth it,” he says. “Preparation only succeeds with constant, unwavering persistence and work, even when there’s no obstacle, long test, or scholarship program in sight just yet.”

The road to a bright future
Now that they have been through the hard part of getting the scholarship, Miguel, Natalie and Pia have to face the real hard part of the grant: getting through college.

"The scholarship means responsibility for the next years. I would have to maintain a certain grade to keep the scholarship but along with that responsibility comes the privilege of funded education and guaranteed employment," Natalie says.

Despite this, receiving the scholarship also puts the students in a different light.

Natalie says the scholarship made her feel secure about her future and urged her to maximize her time in Ateneo.

"It motivates me to keep working hard to prove that I am worth the investment of the 2 companies," she adds.

Pia says that knowing that they are the investments of the future spurs her to do better.

Singtel's logo

Lastly, Miguel says that the whole process improved his confidence.

“My faith in myself had been flickering and fading right before I was accepted into the program. The scholarship, for me, serves as a push to keep moving forward,” he says.

“It acts as a motivation to commit to what ought to be committed to, and a reminder that passion can do incredible things for a person.”

Indeed getting a full scholarship turns the table for the students. It helps them learn valuable lessons along the way and helps them understand that as long as they keep persevering, they will certainly reach their dreams and stand on their own.

More importantly, it alters their perspective on life, not because they have a reminder over their heads, but because they can look at their future brightly and with high solid hopes—and it’s all worth the wait.