Fr. Joseph Galdon Fund


The Ateneo Center for English Language Teaching (ACELT) is proud to announce the Fr. Joseph Galdon Fund for novice teachers. This is funding given to novice teachers (those with 1 – 5 years experience whether as a part-time or full- time teacher) so that they may attend ACELT’s workshops or conferences with a 50% discount on registration fees.

The fund is named after Fr. Joseph Galdon, S.J. who founded ACELT together with Dr. Edna Manlapaz in the 1980s. As an educator and former chair of the English department, Fr. Galdon shared in Dr. Manlapaz’s vision of a teacher-training center that would help teachers ‘to tink,’ that is, to engage in the tinkering of ideas and practices that would help teachers become facilitators of knowledge.

To honor his spirit, the Fr. Galdon Fund was established to help finance the training and professional development of novice teachers by sponsoring their participation in ACELT workshop and conferences.

For now, we are offering one (1) slot/s for the subsidy for the ACELT Workshop Learning & Camp; Teaching Grammar for a Purpose: Barriers, Bridges & Camp; Breakthroughs February 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021)
DEADLINE for APPLICATIONS: February 3, 2021


The following are the guidelines for those who wish to avail the fund:

1. The fund may only be applied for by Filipino novice teachers (between 1 to 5 years teaching experience) teaching in local PUBLIC high schools or small private schools nationwide;

2. Subsidy will be limited to 50% of the registration fee only (i.e. it will not include lodging, transportation, and/or membership fees);

3. Selected applicants are committed to completing the entire duration of the workshop and are invited to write a short write-up regarding their experience for possible publication in the ACELT Forum.

4. The subsidy is non-transferable. In case the original recipient of the subsidy is, for whatever reason, unable to attend the workshop or conference he or she was granted for, another recipient may be chosen from among the applicants or the money is returned to the Galdon Fund.

Guidelines for selection of applicants:

1. Applicant must be currently teaching in any public school or small private school nationwide in either the primary, secondary, or tertiary levels.

2. Applicant must have only 1-5 years cumulative teaching experience and must show proof that his or her total number of teaching experience does not exceed 5 years.

3. Application will be done through a personal letter written by the applicant to the Executive Director, Dr. Marianne Rachel Perfecto stipulating the reason/s why attendance to the workshop is relevant to his or her professional development. The applicant must also submit a short resume and supporting documents that will prove his or her number of years of teaching. The letter should be endorsed by the applicant’s school principal (for primary/ secondary teachers) or chair (for tertiary teachers).

4. ACELT, through its Executive Director, reserves the right to evaluate the application of individuals for subsidy and will email applicants individually at a duly appointed time.

5. Priority will be given to public school teachers from low-performing schools (as determined by the students’ overall NAT exam performance) or novice teachers from state-funded tertiary institutions and small private schools.