ACELT programs are firmly rooted in the belief that teaching has a context, and that language teaching especially must be approached holistically. Hence, they follow an approach that is practical and flexible to the needs of the teacher participants and their corresponding educational set-up.
Our program offerings include:
•   Finding the Fun, Functions, and Fundamentals in Fiction: Teaching Fiction
•   Content, Context and Consequence: Teaching Writing in Multilingual Settings
•   Revving Up Reading: Review, Reflect, Respond
•   Learning & Teaching Grammar for a Purpose: Barriers, Bridges & Breakthroughs
•   NO FEAR ENGLISH: A Fearless Approach to Teaching and Learning the English Language
•   Effective Oral Communication Skill and Strategies:  How to Teach Confidently, Eloquently, and Passionately
•   Teaching Critical Reading for Senior High School:  Theories, Texts and Tips
•   Enhancing Students’ Purposive Writing Skills:  Approaches, Strategies, and Practices
•   Writing Creatively to Teach Creative Writing
•   Performing Literature:  Drama and Theatricality as Teaching Techniques
Workshop trainings can also be designed for your English teachers’ specific needs.