Towards Pedagogies of Translingual Practice in ELT

The translingual orientation questions the notion of languages as monolithic and self-contained. This emergent orientation treats languages as always in contact and mutually influencing each other. Though this orientation has provided useful insights into the ways in which communication works in the context of migration (Collins et al, 2009), popular culture (Pennycook, 2010), and globalization (Blommaert, 2010), it raises difficult questions for pedagogy. In ELT, for example, our pedagogy focuses on normative varieties of English and isolates English from other languages. In this workshop, we will analyze sample texts of multilingual students and scholars to consider how they display a translingual orientation in their literacy and language practices. Based on this analysis, we will develop a pedagogy for accommodating diverse languages and voices in ELT. We will also debate whether such a pedagogy will facilitate socially empowering and linguistically complex proficiency for multilingual students. After a theoretical introduction, the workshop will feature group discussion, collaborative analysis, and plenary reports.