AB Literature (English)

The AB Literature Program is designed for students who seek a profound and scholarly appreciation of literature written in the English Language. They will be introduced over the course of the program to literature from across the globe in order to develop competence in the analysis of literary texts, writing of critical essays, and evaluation of different literary traditions and orientations.

Course Requirements
Students fulfill the requirements for the AB Literature Program upon
1.    completion of 30 units (10 courses) of required Literature subjects;
  • Lit 126.1    Western Literature I
  • Lit 126.2    Western Literature II
  • Lit 101       Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Lit 112.1    Literary Criticism I
  • Lit 112.2    Literary Criticism II
  • Lit 161       Philippine Literature in English
  • Lit 127.1    Third World Literature I
  • Lit 127.2    Third World Literature II
  • Lit 198       Independent Research I
  • Lit 199       Independent Research II
2.    completion of 12 units (4 courses) of Literature electives and 6 units (2 courses) of free electives from any Department in the Loyola Schools; and
3.    submission of a Creative Writing Thesis or an Independent Research on literature and satisfactory oral defense thereof (the Independent Research is to be written during senior year [Lit 198 & Lit 199]).
The Literature Major can choose from diverse fields including but not limited to the following:
  • Creative Writing in Fiction
  • Poetry and Non-Fiction
  • Reading Children’s Literature
  • Romantic Literature
  • Shakespeare Tragedies
  • Shakespeare and Film
  • Fatal Fiction (a study of destiny in novels)
  • Modern Poetry
  • Contemporary Drama
  • Gender and Genre courses
  • courses in Literary Theory and Criticism
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