Ranksort descending Name Research Interests Specialization
Instructor Liberatore, Michael J.

Faith, Postmodernity and Postcoloniality; Culture and Religion; Poverty, Faith and Social Change; Liberation Theologies; Catholic Social Doctrine

Systematic Theology, Liberation Theologies, Theology and Justice, Catholic Social Doctrine

Instructor Lorenzo, Simone Louise Y.
Christian Anthropology / Christian Personalism, Theology of the Body (John Paul II), The thought of Henri de Lubac and Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Instructor Reyes, Josemaria Roberto V.
Theology in fantasy literature (i.e. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings), Imagination in Religion and Theological Reflection, Christian apologetics, Systematic Theology, Philosophical Theology, Myth and Religion
Apologetics, Faith and Imagination
Instructor Rochester, Herman G.
Sexual Morality, Youth and Morality
Sexual Morality, Youth Ministry and Counseling
Instructor Roncal, Raoul Dominic R.
Benedict XVI’s Christology, Biblical Theology of John, Current Issues in Apologetics e.g. Can you prove the existence of God in a predominantly “scientific” worldview?, C.S. Lewis' Christian Perspective in his Creative Works (e.g. The Narnia Chronicles)
Apolegetics, Benedict XVI's Christology, C.S. Lewis'e Apologetics