Ateneo Solar-powered Clean Water System Training and Deployment
Javier, Leyte and Tabuelan, Cebu
21-28 April 2014
April 21 – Arrived at 8am in Tacloban Airport.  Javier officials provided a vehicle that fetched us from Tacloban and brought us to Javier. In the afternoon, we inspected the Ateneo Clean Water Station (installed last November 2013) at the Javier Police Station.  We found that the filters were not cleaned properly so we suggested that their engineers attend the training. 

Repacking of 16 sets of sample e.coli test kits 

We tested the Javier water for e.coli contamination. It needs 24-hour incubation period at body temperature to grow the bacteria. According to the risk assessment chart, the Javier water has a low to moderate risk level of e.coli contamination.

Preparing the donated equipment for distribution

We met Mayor Sandy Javier and told him how we would conduct the training and distribute the donated materials.

April 22 - We cleaned the old filter system.

Training venue, sound system, chairs and tables were prepared by LGU Javier.

We prepared the set-up for the demonstration and the equipment for the hands-on training.

The training and demonstration of the operation and maintenance of the clean water system was well attended – 13 out of the 16 expected areas were represented, plus the Javier engineers were there.  The following were the attendees:

Municipality Name Cell nos. E-mail adds
Matag-ob, Leyte Michael L. Torrevillas 09088930694
Almagro, Samar Santiago P. Carpon 09051327153
Kananga, Leyte Roland R. Castro 09465338726
Javier, Leyte Nerissa Abueva 09081338077
Borongan, E.Samar Kim Pascua 09488767877
Salcedo, E.Samar Rolando Baldomero 09157479731
Marabut, Samar Dong Natad    
Albuera, Leyte Rodolfo Casane, Jr. 09278548861
Albuera, Leyte Gerry B. Bantasan 09305271909  
Tanauan, Leyte Raul S. Soliva 09173219938
Isabel, Leyte Vincent Jayson 09189399399  
Isabel, Leyte Samie M. Galoy 09194129507  
Dulag, Leyte Alicia, Kintara 09186702043  
Dulag, Leyte Salvacion Diolo    
Dulag, Leyte Gregorio Gabriola    
Giporlos, E.Samar Gegorio de Paz 09175222260
Giporlos, E.Samar Mark Biong    
Barugo, Leyte Manuel Ruiz 09063189008
Barugo, Leyte Teofilo Avestruz 09998704664  

Javier municipal officers agreed to train the municipalities of Basey, Merida and Tolosa whose local government units (LGUs) were not able to send participants to the training.
We started the training at about 1:30 pm and divided the participants into two groups for the hands-on demonstration.

One group was assigned to attend the plumbing demonstration (explained by Mr. Reymond Cao). 

The other group was assigned to attend the electrical demonstration (explained by Mr. Julieto Amora).

Then after each demonstration, the groups were swapped.
We distributed the donated units at the Javier Pavillion, Mr. Jimmy Javier represented Mayor Sandy Javier as our host for this event.

April 23, 4am – Javier officials provided a vehicle to bring us to Ormoc port for the 7am boat trip to Cebu City.

We visited some areas where Yolanda’s fury was still evident.

Most of the fallen hard wood trees were converted to lumber and the new banana trees were growing to replace fallen ones.

We stayed in one of the beach cottages of Maravilla.

We tested their municipal water using our remaining e.coli test kits. Unfortunately, Single Drop was not able to deliver our ordered e.coli test kits in time for distribution to the training participants.

Tabuelan municipal water has a low to moderate risk level of e.coli contamination.

April 24 – We installed the clean water system in Barangay Tigbawan, Tabuelan, Cebu.

April 25 - We also witnessed how GK volunteers conducted their “Bayani Challenge 2014” project in Barangay Maravilla. This event was attended by local and foreign volunteers – participating in feeding programs, tree planting, house renovation, beach and school clean ups, etc.

We also met and interviewed Hon. Rex Gerona, Mayor of Tabuelan, Cebu.

We also got a chance to interview Major Henry O. Sabijon, Civil Military Operation of Joint Task Force 7, Philippine Navy Marines (Aside from the video interview with Mayor Rex, we also recorded video interviews of the following: Major Sabijon, two mothers (Maribel G. Guirnaldo and Jovellyn Ceballos) who volunteered as community and school clean-up brigade, barangay captain (Chatto S. Genobiagon) of barangay Tigbawan, IEEE member (Rainier Ong), and a GK full time worker (Tracy Luz)). They described their experiences as volunteers and their experiences during and after Yolanda.

April 26 – Training and demonstration of GK officers, barangay officers and youth volunteers. Here are the list of attendees:

Name Affiliation Cell no. E-mail Add
Rainier Ong IEEE member volunteer 09088889130
Ma. Lourence B. Signe GK Volunteer (BS Bio) 09323255931
Chatto S. Genobiagon Tigbawan Barangay Captain 09468061324  
Gualberto Baflor Barangay volunteer    
Nicole Ann Ponce GK Volunteer (BS Pol Sci)

This team, headed by Ms. Signe, will deploy the three units for the GK community in Bogo, Daanbantayan, and Bantayan Island.


April 27 – We sought the help of Fr. Dario Saniel, SJ. in finding bedspace in Cebu City because we were arriving at around 7:30pm.  Instead, he offered a room near the church where he is serving as Assistant Parish Priest.  Thus, we stayed at the Sedeño House at Sacred Heart Church compound.  

Before we left Cebu City, we met with Mr. Jacinto E. Aguelo, assistant of Arch Ma. Theresa P. Javier (aunt of Mayor Sandy Javier who we met in Javier, Leyte – who is interested in solar-powered clean water system) and explained to him how the Ateneo clean water works.


Our flight back to Manila via Cebu Pacific was delayed (reason: “LATA” – late airport turn around) from 5:45pm to 11:40pm (tentatively). Instead of waiting for a flight that was not definite, we took their option to reschedule the flight to April 28 at 3:50pm (Cebu Pacific shouldered the hotel accommodation, food and transportation).
We would like to thank Mr. Larry Qua, CEO of IONICS EMS, Inc. for donating these 20 units of clean water systems.
We would like also to acknowledge the following contact persons for the Leyte, Samar and Cebu deployment:

Name Affiliation Cell no. E-mail Add
Leonardo  “Sandy” M. Javier, Jr. National President of League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and Mayor of Javier, Leyte 0985672211, 09178470928, 09189182496
Jaime “Jimmy” Javier   09175311616
Catherine “Tyen” Alfafara Direct Assistant of Mayor Sandy for LMP 09173219703
Edwin Metante Andoks’ personnel 09178828956  
Rainier Ong IEEE member volunteer 09088889130
Erwin Daculan IEEE 09204934853
Ma. Lourence B. Signe GK Volunteer 09323255931
Chatto S. Genobiagon Tigbawan Barangay Captain 09468061324  
Gualberto Baflor Barangay volunteer    
Nicole Ann Ponce GK Volunteer
Edgardo “Garix” Apuceja Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Parish in Matarinao, Salcedo 09178096997
Mario Ian Mosquisa Diocese of Borongan 09173274581
Carmela Oracion ACED (contacted the Kanganga National High School Principal – Mr. Catalino I.  Sabanal, Jr.)

Below are the names of the Ateneo team members who trained, demonstrated and deployed the clean water system:

Name Affiliation Cell no.
Paul Cabacungan Ateneo Innovation Center 09183860216
Reymond Cao SolaRain staff 09198976622
Julieto Amora Ateneo Custodian, Office of Administrative Services 08056764752