Recent Visitors

Dr. Fitri S. Mohamad and two other Malaysian professors visited AICand met with Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Cesar Pineda, Paul Cabacungan, JP Talusan, Benjz Sevilla and the Ateneo IPTV team to learn near cloud architecture. -  20 June 2014

Mr. Miguel Borromeo and Ms. Zarina San Jose of PBed-StRIDE attended the Innovation and Technology Class last 19 June 2014.  After the class they discussed ways on understanding the Research Ecosystem of the Philippines and how STRIDE can engineer a strategic intervention with Ateneo Innovation Center. The meeting were attended by Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Lea Macaraig, Dr. Gemalyn Abrajano, Mr. Martin Arancon and Mr. Paul Cabacungan.

Mr. Rafael Hernandez and Mr. Martin Arancon of Tyson Golbal Exchange, Inc.(a Laundry company) visited AIC and discussed ways of collaborations last 6 June 2014.  AIC attendees: Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Dr. Teresita Perez, Dr. Lea Macaraig, and Mr. Paul Cabacungan.

Three groups of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) visited Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) last 27 August 2013.  They are partnering with AIC on the thesis projects.

The Medical Mission Group Hospital & Health Services Cooperative - Philippines visited again to explore areas of partnership, and how to formalize collaboration with AIC. - July 10, 2013

Zoraida P. Aquilar, Ph.D. visited Ateneo de Manila University last 9 July 2013 and gave a lecture on "Innovations in Nanotechnology at Dr. Gregory Tangonan's Innovation and Technology class.

The Department of National Defense and the Department of Science and Technology visited Ateneo Innovation Center to explore possible collaborations on Aerial Imaging research. - 9 July 2013

Dr. Ting Tiongco, trained Neurosurgeon and CEO of Medical Mission Group Hospital & Health Services Cooperative - Philippines and Dr. Edwina Tan Visited AIC - last 4 June 2013

Meeting with representatives of the European Union Fact Finding Mission under the project Southeast Asia – European Union Network (SEA EU Net) with the Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) for the bi-regional dialogue on science and technology innovation (STI). EU is represented by Svend Otto Remøe of The Research Council of Norway and Dr. Sara Medina of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação while AIC is represented by Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Gregory Tagonan and Engr. Paul Cabacungan. Ms. Gina Gatarin of UNIID-SEA also attend the  meeting. - 31 May 2013

Yui Kumasawa and Prof. Manabu Sawaguchi Visited AIC last 13 May 2013. Prof. Sawaguchi gave a talk on TRIZ last May 17 & 18, 2013 in AIC.

Ms. Lea Bigot, Consultant of Micro Energy International visited AIC last 3 May 2013 to explore ways of collaboration and partnership in terms of decentralized energy supply through microfinance-based energy loans.

Mr. Manny Fernando (Digital Strategist of the Inquirer of Companies), Mr. J. Ferdinand de Luzuriaga (CFO of the Inquirer Group of Companies (IGC) and the President of LINQ) and Atty. Rudyard Arbolado (CFO of LINQ and also General Counsel of  IGC) visited AIC last 18 April 2013 to explore partnership on digital media and new media space.  Matthew Cua presented the different projects of AIC and how we collaborate with industry partners (Mr. Cua was here but needed to leave early).

Mr. Ananth Aravamudan, Associate Director of SELCO Labs in Bangalore and Mr. Bobby Calingo, Head of Peace and Equity Foundation visited AIC last 5 April 2013.

From the left: Mr. Bobby Calingo, Mr. Carlos Oppus, Mr. Ananth Aravamudan, Mr. Paul Cabacungan, Mr. Jun Granada, and Ms. Abigail Chen.

Mirriam College's graduating students consulted AIC on the feasibility of rainwater harvesting to subsidize water usage for their existing building/s. - 27 Feb. 2013

Ms. Ziel Cabreros, a journalist who inquired on AIC's successful program with UN WFP. - 26 Feb. 2013

Commissioner Heherson Alvarez visited Ateneo Innovation Center - 26 February 2013