WFP-AIC Project Reports

This is a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Between Ateneo de Manila University (herein referred to as “implementing partner”) and The United Nations World Food Programme (hereinafter referred to as “WFP”) for the implementation of the WFP-funded Disaster Preparedness and Response project (DPR) approved as part of the Second Phase of the Technical Support to the Government of the Philippines for Disaster Preparedness and Response Activities.

This MOU become the basis for the implementation of the Second Phase of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Programme (DPR) in relation to the objective to advance innovation, knowledge and education for disaster preparedness and response. The activities indicated below for the implementing partner shall be completed by 30 September 2013.
The Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC), a part of the School of Science and Engineering of the Ateneo de Manila University where Ateneo technology researchers and developers create new product concepts, collaborate in multi-discipline problem solving, and incubate new ideas, will be the implementing arm of the Ateneo de Manila University. AIC piloted innovations for DPR during Typhoon Sendong. AIC will implement the activities outlined herein in WFP project areas.

Here are the initial reports of the UN WFP-AIC projects on Dissaster Preparedness Response.