B.S. Chemistry with Materials Science Engineering

New materials and devices with special properties will be in demand for the technologies of the 21st century. Materials Science and Engineering answers this need by integrating the knowledge and tools of chemistry and physics with engineering principles to design, fabricate and characterize improved and novel materials such as polymers, biodegradable plastics, biocompatible materials; ceramics, metals, and composites for stronger structural materials; semi-conductors for more efficient electronic devices; longer-lasting paints, coatings and corrosion resistant materials; and many others. This recently-introduced program is a five-year dual-major program where the students obtain a B.S. Chemistry after four years and a B.S. Materials Science and Engineering (BS MSE) after the fifth year. The B.S. Chemistry program combines a strong foundation in chemistry with a focus on materials through specialized electives. The combined five-year program provides competencies for careers in industry, especially in the areas of semiconductors, plastics, rubber, paints and resins, ceramics, textiles, food, or even cosmetics. Graduates are eligible to take the Chemist Licensure Examinations