2008 Thesis Projects


Thesis Titles Student's Name Adviser Co-Advisers Panelists
Analysis of Heart Rate Variability From ECG Signals Mark David Abat, Joan Frances Peralta Calasanz   Engr. Manuela Ramos, Dr. Gregory Tangona, Dr. Tristan Calasanz, Engr. Marie Engelene Obien
Topside Heat Dissipation on Power QFN (MS Thesis) Purisimo Uy Reyes   Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Rosula Reyes, Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit
Braille for classrooms and Ultrasonic Sensors for navigation Giselle Mae Pacot, Karina Palileo, Clarisse Eileen Sabuko, Galilee Semblante Calasanz Tangonan Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Dr. Carlo Oppus, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Engr. Marie Engelen Obien
Building Web Applications Harnessing the power of Content Jennifer Mae Fabros, Gilbert Peru, Richard Shannon Tiu Libatique Pineda,Tangonan, Espinosa Engr. Cesar Pineda, Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Engr. Allan Espinosa
A Study on the effects of Tropical Rain on the 2.4 GHz and the 5.815 GHz Signals Jose Raphael Arenas, Ted Angelo Chua Monje Guico, Libatique, Tangonan, Pineda Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico, Engr. Marie Engelene Obien, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mr. Jose Claro Monje
Wii write on Air Federico Dela Cruz, Jose Lorenzo Losantes, Moses Brahms Tiu Obien Tangonan Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Engr. Maria Guico, Engr. Allan Espinosa, Engr. Marie Engelene Obien, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique
Video Stenography Using Flash Live Video Kinsley Chua, Adrian Joseph Mozo, Dave Francis Rayel, Christian John Rigor Obien Tangonan Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico, Mr. Noel Patron, Engr. Marie Engelene Obien
Print Scan Resilient Steganography on Images Adriell Matthew Julius Dagasuan, Adrin Del Rosario Patron   Mr. Luisito Agustin, Ms. Marie Obien, Ms. Catherine Ramos, Mr. Noel Patron
Radio Frequency Inventory Management System Implementation and Design for TB Patient Monitoring Jan Michael Villeras, Polit, Esmenda, Juinio, Mateo, Roño Libatique Tangonan, Espinosa, Guico Engr. Marie Obien, Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Engr. Cesar Pineda, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Gregory Tangonan
Patient- Centric Medical Database with remote Urinalysis Test Hapal, Siapano, Sicat, Velasquez Guico Tangonan, Libatique Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mrs. Catherine Ramos, Engr. Maria Guico
E-scan: A Design For Testability Method for functional RTL Circuits in ADD Marie Obien Reyes   Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr.Rosula Reyes
Efficient FPEA Implementation of An Elliptic Curve Cryptography finite field Multipler Florencio Rusty Punzalan Libatique Tangonan Dr. Nathaniel Libatique
Novel Biosensors Claire Dy Libatique