SY 2008-2009

Undergraduate Theses Projects 

Human Interface Device Making Use of the Nintendo Wii Remote
Joshua Andre M. Basarte
Kristofer Angelo M. Jumauan
Kara Frances C. Mauricio
Adviser: Jose Alfredo A. De Vera III
Open Source Social Networking Site Engine
Nikko David B. Bautista
Madeline Rae W. Ong
Wireless Library System with Mobile Near Field Communication
Bjorn Bryan C. Que
Adviser: William Emmanuel S. Yu
Exploratory Simulation of Human Interaction Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Miguel Lopez F. Inumerable
Kristine M. Mina
Application System for Queuing Analysis
Stephanie Joy Q. Buena
Wendy A. Kelly
Adviser: Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.
Application of Visibility Graph Analysis in Spatial Marketing
Bernard A. Pineda
Rafael Angelo G. Uy
Adviser: Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.
Java Cell Handwriting Recognition Engine
Manuel Antonio S. Ignacio Jr.
Kendrick T. Share
An Implementation of Content- Based Image Retrieval of Digital Mammograms using Latent Semantic Indexing
Michael Blancaflor
Adviser: Rafael Saldana, Ph.D.
Visualization of Tropical Rain Data Using Wireless Communication Networks for Disaster Management
Silver June Gonzales
Alfred Timothy B. Lotho
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
Filipino-Based Role Playing Game on the XNA Platform
Manuel Jose Z. Geraldez 
John Ariel Salvadora
Mobile Doctor: Mobile Telehealth Information and Resource System for Community Health Workers
Lorenz Angelo Bagohin
Maria Donna Enriquez
Joyce Kathryn Lim
Advisers: Jeffrey J. Jongko & Ayedee Domingo, Ph.D.
Analysis of Heuristics for Hammock 3-Poset Cover Problem 
John Patrick M. Manalo
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez