SY 2009-2010

Undergraduate Theses

The Feasibility of Short Messaging Services (SMS) as a Secure Medium in Tallying Electoral Polls on City-wide Scale
Charles Kendrick C. Chua
Raisa Alexandra T. Corpuz
Honey Lynne T. Sy
Adviser: Jeffrey J. Jongko, M.S.
An Exploratory Study into Detecting Boredom and Confusion among Novice Programmers using BlueJ Compile Logs
Diane Marie C. Lee
Clarissa Ramos
Cara Wimbie C. Sy
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Automated Non-literal Error Detection
Thomas T. Dy
Edward John D. Robles, Jr.
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Development of an Intention-Based Scoring System for Java
Beatriz Mikhaila M. Aldaba
Melody Kay O. Carolino
Gillian Cleon S. Dugay
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Tea Spoon: Teaching Enhancement Application Utilizing an Economical Interactive Whiteboard for Preschool Environment
Nelvin del Pilar Driz
Alejandro Marasigan Suarez, III
Adviser: Jose Alfredo A. De Vera, III, M.S.
Determining the Relationship between Game Elements and Player Enjoyability for an Effective Gaming Environment for the Visually Impaired
Bryan T. Alisen
Rodolfo C. Nokom
Adviser: Jose Alfredo A. De Ver, III, M.S.
Mining Partially-Ordered Sets from China
Alvin Francis P. Dumalus
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr., Ph.D.
Survey of Animation for Graphical User Interfaces
Nikolai Andrei E. Banasihan
Wilhansen Joseph B. Li
Adviser: Walfrido David Diy
A Participatory Design Approach in the Development of an E-LEarning Application for Filipino Public Grade School
Danna Patricia S. Aduna
Paul John F. Almendras
Juan Rafael R. Liban
Adviser: Ma. Mecedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Designing a Wearable Finger Glove: A study on the Design and Development of an Infrared tracking web camera using LED and Flat Surfaces
Abbie Jenika R. Lao
Kuan Chieh Liao
Stevenson S. Sze