SY 2010-2011

Undergraduate Theses

Towards the Development of Affect-Sensitive Game
Joshua Rex Cheng
Nicole Guloy
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Prediction of Relative Volume of Plastics from Waste Images Using Artificial Neural Nets
Anna Raissa Criselda P. Casugbu
Kristine Ester D. Pascual
Cara Wimbie C. Sy
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Ph.D..
A Framework for Route Prediction in Humancentric GPS Tracking
Andrea Levinge
Adviser: Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.
Managing Disaster Relief Operations, Implementing Web and Mobile Convergence of Technologies
Beatriz Mikhaila M. Aldaba
Bien G. Aguas
Wilson S. Ng
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
A Study on the Reliability of Data Transmission Over SMS versus GPRS
Alyssa MArie T. Dykimching
Jan Aaron Angelo T. Lee
Adviser: William S. Yu, Ph.D. Candidate
Wayfinding From Here to There Developing a Foundation for Mobile Trasport Information System
Regine Pauline G. Alabastro
Melissa B. Seares
Victor Patrick G. Tanedo
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
Developing a Statistical Module for the Open Medical Record System OpenMRS to Aid in Pediatric Epidemiology
Lancelot Eric A. Chen
Patrick Ian E. Cura
Maria Cristina Y. Santiago
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D. Candidate
Predicting the Gender and Age Group of Detected Faces Using Neural Networks
Alyssa Nicole Anatalio
Ken Darione Lee
Christeena Andrea Maderal
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr.,Ph.D.
Accelerating Genetic Algorithm Processing for Application in Game Artificial Intelligence
James C. Choa
Holvin G. Tiu
Evaluating Particle Swarm Optimized Neural Networks
Kevin Bjorn Umali
Dylan Kemuel Valerio
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr., Ph.D.
Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Debugging
Janssen Marwin L. Go
Maria Clarisse T. Ligunas
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Emotiv EPOC in the Implementation of an Assistive Smart Room
Juan Miguel L. Andres
Marika Gianina H. Fernandez
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Complementing an E-Learning Environment with M-Learning: Development of a Mobile Extension for Moodle
Janlebrad Ang
Abel Marck Manaysay
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
               Jeffrey J. Jongko, M.S.
SMSLIB Alternative Framework as exemplified in Delivery-Based Businesses
Lorenzo Miguel S. Doromal
Christian Kessler G. Koh
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
               Jeffrey J. Jongko, M.S.
Meet Me: A Mobile GPS-Based Application that Facilitates Quick Setting up of Meetings
Daniel Kristoffer R. Go
Michael F. Ybanez
Adviser: Jeffrey J. Jongko, M.S.