SY 2012-2013

Graduate Theses

Heuristics for Global and Local DNA Sequence Alignment
Michael F. Ybanez
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr., Ph.D.

Framework for Building a Cloud-Based Course Management System
Juan Luis A. Faylon
Adviser: Sandra Francesca A. Lovenia, M.S.

Development of an Affect-Sensitive Agent for Aplusix
Thor Collin S. Andallaza
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Modifying the K-Method Algorithm to Improve Gene Expression Data Clustering Using Biological Homogeneity Index (BHI) and Biological Stability Index (BSI)
Jelly P. Aureus
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, M.S.

An Integrated Indoor Pedestrian Tracking System From Shadowing to Analysis
Christopher E. Bautista, Jr.
Adviser: Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.

Towards a Bilingual Sentiment Analysis Model for English and Filipino
Marlene M. De Leon
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.