SY 2012-2013

Undergraduate Theses

An Improvement to COMPSAT's Semestral Planning Procedure through the Development of an Intelligent Web-Based Scheduling Assistant Based on Quantifiable Project Dependencies
Elaine G. Gatchalian
Bianca Joy R. Polloso
Kimberly Ann T. Zafra
Adviser:  Jose Alfredo A. De Vera, III

Development of a Kinect-Controlled Action-Adventure Game for the Totally Blind
Hans Jefferson K. Chua
Matthew Ernest S. Go
Fernando Vimar C. Vitug, Jr.
Adviser:  Walfrido David A. Diy

Developing an Android-Based Game Tool with Monitoring Support to Track Stroke Patient Progress During Rehabilitation
Christle Grace G. Carabeo
Charisse May M. Dalida
Erica Marla Z. Padilla
Adviser:  Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Design and Development of a Mobile Learning Game for Children with Autism Spectrum Condition
Jan Andre Steven Bernardino Ty

Developing a Kinect-Enabled Rail Shooter Game
Stephanie Y. Go
Marlou N. Ramas
Daryl T.R. Saavedra
Adviser:   Walfrido David A. Diy

The DBSCAN Algorithm and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm in Identifying Brain MR Images with Acute Hematoma Obtained from Concussions:  A Comparative Analysis based on Clustering Results
Jacob T. Chan
Ana Gabriela Gatchalian
Anne Louise Lumanlan
Adviser:  Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D. candidate

Design and Developing an Affect-Sensitive Horror Game
Richmond Michael S. Cheng
Mikaela Felysa O. Garcia

Developing an Effective Android-Based Disaster management System for the Quezon City Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross
Sonny Justine G. Quillopas
John Tan
Michelle Melitta B. Villanueva
Adviser:  Jeffrey J. Jongko, M.S.

Developing a Real-Time Tactics Game Using an Optimized Cost-Effective Eye-Tracking Device
Nicko R. Caluya
Juan Carlos G. Mapua
Adviser:   Walfrido David A. Diy

Analysis of Selected Music Generating Algorithms Fine-Tuned for Specific Genres Via Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
Robin Miguel B. Anupol
Kevin T. Atienza
Mark Joshua U. Tan
Adviser:  Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D. candidate

Using Machine Learning to Extract and Map Note Events from the Power Spectral Density Matrix of a Music File to Sight-Reading Music Video Game Controller Buttons
Daniel A. Fordan
Vernon D. Gutierez
Angeline S. Po

Development and Implementations of a Filipino-Based Conversational Interface Using Speech Recognition for the Android Platform to Control Devices
Kevin L. Leano
Michelle Joy M. Macalinao
Ma. Angeline B. Torres

A Comparative Analysis of the Naive Bayes Algorithm, A Semi-Naive Bayes Algorithm and Modified Semi-Naive bayes Algorithm in Classifying Liver Patients from Non-Liver Patients
Charmaine Kaye G. Chan
Ronaldo D. Faustino
Chanel Marie R. Sia

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Japanese Language Particles with User Assessment and Feedback
Zachary T. Chung
Adviser:  Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Designing an Alternate Reality Game Within the Ateneo Community as a Medium for Tangential Learning
Richmond N. Chiu
Wihl Micoh P. Lin
Adviser:   Walfrido David A. Diy

Controlling a Robotic Hand Using a Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interface
Jian Paolo E. Ablir
Miguel Luis Y. Sanchez
Antonio Rafael V. Umali
Adviser:  Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.