SY 2013-2014

Undergraduate Theses

Developing a Therapy Tool for Ophidiophobia or Fear of Snakes with the use of Perceptual Computing and Q Sensor
Rall William S. Llobrera
Maxwell Clement C. Lozano
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Towards an Affective First-Person Shooter Game Using the Affectiv A Q Sensor
Francis Jan P. Macam
Adviser: Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr., Ph.D.
PANOPTweeCON:  Monitoring Urgent Disaster Tweets in Real Time
Mar Joseph Aureos Mejilla
Maria Clara Isabel Sia
Adviser: Ma. Regina E. Estuar, Ph.D.
Developing an Educational Augmented Reality Game on the Battle of Mactan Using the Intel Perceptual Computing Kit
Beatrice Marie P. Danseco
Aaron Abram D. Ong Ria Mae V. Tecson
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Melodic Feature Analysis for Sub-Genre Classification
Xavier Atienza
James Esguerra
Pio Halili
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
A Mobile Authoring Tool for Augmented Reality Content Generation Using Images as Annotations  
Jayzon F. Ty
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Developing an Alternate Reality Horror Game with Japanese Mythology, Ghosts and Urban Legends 
Christian Paul A. Calalang
Christine Joy A. Tero
Adviser: Walfrido David Diy
Developing a Kinect-Enabled Open-World Game to Promote Environmental Tourism in the Philippines
Xavier Jeaspher O. Eser
Angeline Alyssa V. Nuguid
Adviser: Walfrido David Diy
Raising Environmental Awareness Through Mobile Games Development
Kristian Karl Q. Kokseng
Lorenzo M. Ang
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Camera Based Language Translation Application
Justin Paolo E. Alonzo
Joseph Anthony C. Ascue
Miguel Paolo D. Sarmiento
Fitness Techniques for MIDI Evaluation
Johnboni B. Corpuz
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
Genetic Algorithm Experiments in Classical Melody Generation
Maria Katrina I. Donato
Charles Jansen M. Ignacio                                                                      
Nethania Katrina P. Surtida
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
Effects of Feature Vector Weights for Melodic Classification
Jazmine Paola B. Barroga
Ronald Joseph M. Gudani                                                                        
Miguel Paolo M. Quijano
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D
Developing of a Distributed Firewall Using Software Defined Network (SDN) Technology
Justin Gregory V. Pena
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D
A Mobile Time-Based One Time Password Scheme with Secure Storage and Secure Key Exchange Mechanism 
Mariano Luis T. Uymatiao
Adviser: William Emmanuel S. Yu, Ph.D
Creating a Top-Down Shooter with Difficulty Adjustment Using Affective Cues
Jonathan R. Sescon
Adrian Victor S. Perez                                                                        
Oscar Celso L. Silva
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D
A Comparative Analysis of Different Distance Metrics from Different Families at Various Feature Reduction Levels Applied to Bach Chorales
Jonathan Audric M. Matias
Regine Danica I. Regino                                                                        
Christine Faith M. Tango
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D
Color Orientation and Texture Feature Set For Coconut Tree Classification
Patrick C.S. Chua
Mark Anthony R. Cinco                                                                          
Pauline Alliya R. Cucueco
Adviser: Raphael B. Alampay
Developing an Informative Philippine Mythology RPG Using the Unity Game Engine
Xander Mari M. Cruz
Adviser: Walfrido David Diy