SY 2015-2016

Undergraduate Theses

Developing a Mobile Application Utilizing Alternative Implementations of the Bana Algorithm to Improve Human Pitch Replication Abilities.
Charles Justin V. Lim
Advisers: Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo; Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Safe Zone Selection and Routing for West Valley Fault Earthquake Disaster Based on Opensstreetmap Road and Building Data.
Mark Robert M. Aldecimo
Jose Alfonso L. Salas
Queenie Joy P. Te
Adviser: Dr. Marlene M. De Leon
Jeepney Driver Simulator: Using Virtual Reality to Record Jeepney Driving Behaviors.
Carlo Gabriel R. Pascual
Raphael Angelo S. Reventar
John Joseph R. Ugalino
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David A. Diy
Text Mining Facebook Groups Using Clustering and Classification for Market Trends and Consumer Demand of Products.
Gilo Rencisco Dancel
Sean Andrew Rafanan
Adrian Clifton Tan
Adviser: Dr. Marlene M. De Leon
Using Computerized Text Analysis to Evaluate Student Responses in an Intelligent Tutoring System.
Maria Angeli U. Fernandez
Joshua Gabriel S. Reyes
Adviser: Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Para Kay Ate: A Virtual Reality Simulation of Children in Conflict with the Law in Metro Manila
Carlo Luis G. De Guzman
Japheth Duane C. Samaco
John Michael B. Santos
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David A. Diy
A Comparative Analysis Between a Genetic Algorithm and Image- Based Music Composition in Melody Generation Based on Image Mood.
Isabel M. Constantino
Pia Melissa M. Encarnation
Chiara Veronica D. Señires
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Classification of Songs Based on its Presence or Absence in the International Billboard Chart.
John Joel A. Gavino
Jeri Mae V. Guevara
John Carlo B. Serdanco
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Designing a Configurable Web Scraper for the Air and Sea Transport Domain.
Leona Jean A. Lao
Vermille Ann T. Saw
Adviser: Dr. John Paul C. Vergara
Measuring and Omproving Human Sound Localization and Physical Response to Perceived Sound Through Auditory Conditioning
Melvin Luis D. Mendoza
Adviser: Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo

Development of a System for the Verification of Crowdsourced Information
Hadrian Jules Y. Ang, Miguel Jesus I. Palma
Adviser: Dr. John Paul C. Vergara
On the Center- Disjoint 2-Path Edge Packing Problem
Kyle Stephen S. See
Adviser: Dr. John Paul C. Vergara
Resource-Management Simulation Game Based on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Framework.
Erika Faye R. Cerezo
Jeffrey Ernest R. Opinion
John Paulo C. Pascua
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David A. Diy
Man Vs. Machine: Jazz Chord Progression Generation for Monophonic Melodies Using a Hybrid of a Multi-Objective Evolutionary algorithm and a Hidden Markov Model.
Carlo Nikolas M. Montenegro
Ramon Roberto T. Nario
Christine Joy L. Saavedra
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel

Testing the Effectiveness of MIDI Comparison algorithms Based on Melodic Line of MIDI Music
Niccolo Gabriel Enriquez
Nikko Nolasco
Kyle Zelig Tieng
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Comparative Analysis of Training and Decoding Algorithms Used in a Hidden Markov Model to Produce a Musical Accompaniment Given a Melody.
Javier Teodoro E. Flavier
David James D. Tamayo
Joshua S. Zambales
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel