SY 2015-2016

Undergraduate Theses

Some Heuristics for the 2-Poset Problem
Gabriel Alberto A. Sanchez
Adviser: John Paul C. Vergara, Ph.D

3D Printing Stress and Strain Estimation Script
Paolo C. Chua
Lorenzo O. Duenas
Jose Antonio J. Pascual
Adviser: Carlos Oppus
Generating a Jazz Improvisation that Captures the Style of the Source Using Autocatalytic Set Theory
Elijah John G. Domingo
Myreen M. Repizo
Paul Vincent M. Virrey
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
An Analysis of Bubble Sort Based Heuristic For Minimum Sorting by Short Rearrangements
Job Eleizek N. Bangayan
John Richard A. Bunyi
Jeau E. Gigataras
Adviser: John Paul Vergara, Ph.D.
A Comparative Analysis of the J48 Decision Tree Algorithm, K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, One- R Algorithm, and Classification Via Clustering Algorithm in Classifying Midi Music Files
Emmanuel Jon A. Magdaluyo
Miguel Paolo A. Maglaque
Geronimo Miguel M. Mantes
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
Using a Genetics Algorithm to Create an Accompaniment for a given melody
Regina Ira antonette M. Geli
Bagani J. Sularte
Gabriel Jose G. Vitug
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.
An Analysis of Musically Induced Emotions Using EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Mary Corinne C. Chan
Gianna Alyssa M. Ganal
Patricia Loueis A. Sabenit
Adviser: Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Preprocessing Techniques for a Naïve Bayesian  Algorithm in Music Classification by Mood
Ali Nadine A. Timonera
Chelsea Allison C. Manzano
Adviser: Andrei D. Coronel, Ph.D.

Developing a Virtual Tour of the Ateneo de Manila Loyola Schools using Unity and Oculus Rift
Dickson Albert L. Lua
Aylwin Vincent G. Pinano
James Alexander D. Toplis
Adviser: Mr. David Diy
Ulanmo: A Real –time Rainfall Monitoring System Using Spatial Interpolation
Jan Amiel R. Reveche
Camille Marie Ruiz
Charlene Kate S. Tolentino
Adviser: Mr. Guillermo Paolo Agloro