SY 2017-2018

Undergraduate Theses

Design and Development of a Game to Improve the Diagnosis and Assistance of Unconscious Victims
Eric Nathaniel L. Sun
Karl Nicholas C. Jimenez
Ryan Alfred S. Cruz
Adviser: Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Raising Awareness on Depression and Promoting Healthy Coping Strategies Through a Fantasy Action-Adventure Video Game Based on Cognitive Behavioral Game Design
Brent Carl W. Anonas
Mari Angelo E. de Jesus
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David Diy
The Search for Tweets: Implementing a Geolocation Approximation Feature for Disaster Systems
Irene Therese Bermejo
Jan Nicole Domingo
Dion Alfonso Velasco
Adviser: Mr. Christian E. Pulmano
Investigating an LSTM Model for Automatic Composition in Learning the Style of the Bach Partitas for Violin
Daniel Luis B. Bautista
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Analysis on the Eye Tracking Metrics of College Student Programmers in Ateneo Universities
John David B. Castro
Ezekiel Adriel D. Lagmay
Adviser: Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Development of a Semantically Interoperable Web Service for Electronic Medical Record Data
Roy Miguel G. Romarate
Charles Dominic D. Ventura
Adviser: Mr. Christian E. Pulmano
Developing an Automated Pipeline for Information Extraction and Speech Classification from Floor Debate Records of the House of Representatives of the Philippines
Carlos Alberto L. Arcenas
Miguel N. Galace
Adviser: Dr. Marlene M. De Leon
PAMANA: Isang Paglalantad
An Investigative Martial Law Game
Frann Qysia Marri C. Edrosa
Kelcie Regine P. Reyes
Patrick Xavier M. Silerio
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David Diy
Integration of Infodemiological Data from News Sites in FASSSTER Disease Surveillance
Beatrice Amara E. Adajar
Jann Railey E. Montalan
Adviser: Mr. Kennedy E. Espina
Raising Awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Though a 2D Story-Driven Adventure Game
John Raphael L. Faustino
Ramon Richard A. Luisking Jr.
Divine-kia T. Tan
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David Diy
Developing a Testing Environment for Instruction Detection Algorithms Using Software are Defined Networking
Anton Miguel S. Suba
Kurt Vincent L. Bautista
Julio Carlos Tomas P. Ledesma
Adviser:  Dr. William Emmanuel S. Yu
WYATT: A Portable Beginner’s Programming Language and Environment for Graphics
Willard Othelo N. Torres
Adviser: Mr. Eric Cesar E. Vidal Jr.
Headline Verifier: A Chrome Extension for Recognizing Potentially Misleading Headlines in Facebook Through Neural Stance Detection
Marielle Fatima Impuerto
Sinehye Park
Ma. Katrina N. Salumbides
Adviser: Dr. Marlene M. De Leon
The Problem with Music Subcategorization: Towards Deeper Music Analysis at the Sub-Genre Level
Azra Khaile R. Deloso
Shawn Kenley T. Ong
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
Meaningful Tweets: Geospatial Clustering and Visualization of Relevant Disaster-Related Tweets
Eddrich Janzzen L. Ang
Sean Nevin T. Sy
Adviser: Dr. Ma. Regina E. Estuar
A Study on a Genetic Algorithm and Images-Based Music Composition in Melody Generation Based on Analyzed Mood form A Video
Nathan Jacob B. Bautista
Kyra Marielle L. del Rosario
Jourdan Riley L. Lim
Adviser: Dr. Andrei D. Coronel
A Video Game for the Training of Visual Acuity and Tracking Ability
Nigel Benedict Cargo
Jose Teodoro P. Lacson
Daniel Ricardo C. Santos
Adviser: Mr. Walfrido David A. Diy
Analysis of the Metro Manila Road Network Using the Ideal Flow Model
Elijah Abraham L. Pelaez
Mark Daniel M. Jison
Adviser: Dr. Kardi Teknomo
Developing a Mobile Application for Implementing N-Back Test as a Tool for Measuring Working Memory Using Usability Tools and Usability Testing
Jose Maria A. Anadia
Aaron Steveson T. Ho
Adviser: Ms. Jessica O. Sugay