ACERD and Dept. of Agriculture discuss issues and plans for Food Safety and Rural Development

April 28, 2016
The participants of the forum included speakers who can really help form the transition report of the DA

In a joint forum, the Ateneo Center for Economic Research and Development (ACERD) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) discussed pressing issues on food security and rural development to prepare for the transition report of the government agency.

According to DA Secretary for Technical Assistance Edicio de la Torre, the objective of the forum was to come together and subject the policies of the department to scrutiny.

“It’s not just to criticize everything. It’s for us to come to a multi-faceted discussion,” he said, “for own sake but more importantly, for the transition report for the next administration.”


Dr. Aldaba says that the candidates of the May 2016 elections are trying to woo the rural electorates by outlining their programs in the agricultural sector

Dean of the School of Social Sciences Dr. Fernando Aldaba, in his opening remarks, said that he was happy to co-host the forum and discuss the major issues related to agricultural development.

“The agricultural sector’s linkages with the other sectors in the economy is very crucial,” he said. “A robust agricultural sector can boost manufacturing.”

He added that an appropriate strategy for agricultural and rural development was needed to achieve inclusive growth.

Dr. Aldaba also hoped that the issues of the agricultural sector will continue to be addressed as the May 2016 elections come closer.

The participants of the forum listen to Dr. Aldaba's opening remarks

“Many will agree that there are some things to change, but there are also some things to continue,” Dr. Aldaba said. “So in the area of agriculture and rural development, we also need to answer these questions.”

Present from the DA were Undersec. for Fisheries and Director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Atty. Asis Perez, Undersec. for Policy, Planning, Research and Regulation Dr. Segfredo Serrano, and Asst. Sec. for Field Operations and the National Coordinator of the Rice and Corn Program Edilberto de Luna.

The forum highlighted the Philippine rice and fish economy, poverty reduction, agriculture experiences, food security and policies and the DA’s proposed agricultural priorities for 2016 to 2022.