The minor program in Development Management, offered by the Development Studies Program, involves the application of management principles and practices to the context of social development. This is offered in response to the increasing need for good managers working with social development institutions – managers who do not only have a mastery of development concepts but also management skills that will make them effective change agents. 

The Minor in Health and Development equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to make them effective change agents in the public health sector. Since there are very few multidisciplinary training opportunities in health and development, graduates of this minor program will be in a unique position to build their careers through multilateral, national and local public health bureaucracies, public health consultancies, non-government organizations specializing in public health or health policy organizations.

The Minor in Humanitarian Action is catered for students who envision a thrilling career in the field of disaster response, relief operations, and humanitarian work in general.  By drawing from an interdisciplinary set of courses, the minor will expose students to various theoretical and practical approaches necessary in providing timely and relevant interventions in emergency situations.  The minor also recognizes that humanitarian work is necessarily tied to development planning so communities are built back better.