2018 Publications

Current Structure and Future Challenges of the Agricultural Sector
Majah-Leah V. Ravago, Arsenio Balisacan
Published at The Future of Philippine Agriculture: Scenarios, Policies, and Investments under Climate Change

Risk Management and Coping Strategies: Climate Change and Agriculture in the Philippines
Majah-Leah Ravago, James A. Roumasset, Karl Jandoc
Published at The Future of Philippine Agriculture under a Changing Climate: Policies, Investments and Scenarios

Powering the Philippine Economy: Electricity Economics and Policy
Majah-Leah V. Ravago, James A. Roumasset, Rolando A. Danao (editors)
Published under the University of the Philippines Press

The Link between Energy and Poverty: Evidence of Benefits for the Poor
Dennis Mapa, Majah-Leah V. Ravago, Manuel Abis, Michael del Mundo
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

Bending the Curve: The Impact of Gradual Policy Reforms on Electricity Prices
Majah-Leah Ravago, Arlan Zandro Brucal, James Roumasset, Shirra de Guia
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

The Simple Economics of Optimal Electricity Generation, Transmission, and Use
Karl Robert Jandoc, James Roumasset, Majah-Leah Ravago, Kenmore Espinoza
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

The Public Economics of Electricity Policy with Philippine Application
Majah-Leah Ravago and James Roumasset
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

Electricity Policy in the Philippines: Overview and Synthesis
Majah-Leah Ravago, James Roumasset, and Rolando Danao
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

An Error Correction Model for Forecasting Aggregate Electricity Consumption
Rolando A. Danao, Geoffrey M. Ducanes
Published at Powering the Philippine Economy

Globalization and its impact on the welfare state concept in developed and developing countries
Alvin P. Ang
Published at Estudios de Deusto vol. 66 no. 1

Economic Impact of Typhoon Ondoy in Pasig and Marikina Cities Using a Multiweek CGE Model Analysis
Philip Arnold P. Tuaño, Marjorie S. Muyrong, Ramon L. Clarete
Published at the Philippine Journal of Development vol. 43 no.2

Coping with Disasters Due to Natural Hazards: Evidence from the Philippines
Majah-Leah Ravago, Dennis Mapa, Jun Carlo Sunglao and James Roumasset
Published at The Philippine Statistician vol. 67 no. 1

Environmental Resources, Shocks and National Well-Being
James A. Roumasset, Majah-Leah Ravago, Karl Jandoc, Clarissa Arellano

Published at The Philippine Economy: No Longer the East Asian Exception?

“Energy: Power Security and Competitiveness”   
Ravago, M.V., R. Fabella, R. Alonzo, R. Danao, and D. Mapa.

Published at The Philippine Economy: No Longer the East Asian Exception?

Testing the Easterlin Paradox: Results and Policy Implications
Edsel Beja Jr.
Published at Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, Vol. 2, No. 2, 79-83, 2018

Capital flight
Edsel Beja Jr.
Published at The Routledge Handbook of the Contemporary Philippines

Migrant-family background and subjective well-being: Evidence using Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition
Edsel Beja Jr.
Published at Migration Letters, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 399-408

Case-based investing: Stock selection under uncertainty
Benjamin Radoc
Published at The Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance

Total economic value of the Cagayan de Oro river basin
Rosalina Palanca-Tan, Catherine Roween Chico-Almaden, Ma. Kresna Navarro, Marichu Melendez-Obedencio, Caroline Laarni Rubio-Sereñas
Published at Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges: Market-Based Perspectives

Quality of nursing schools in the Philippines: Trends and evidence from the 2010-2016 Nurse Licensure Examination results
John Robert Bautista, Geoffrey M. Ducanes, Clarissa C David
Published at Nursing Outlook

Art Auctions and the Poorer Rich: The Impact of the 2015 Stock Market Sell-off on the Emerging Philippine Art Market
Rosalina Palanca-Tan and J. Sedfrey S. Santiago
Published at Southeast Asian Studies, Vol. 7, No. 2

Aquaculture, Poverty and Environment in the Philippines
Rosalina Palanca-Tan
Published at the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, Vol. 43, No. 3-4

The Effect of Ease of Doing Business on Firm Creation
Tristan A. Canare
Published at Annals of Economics and Finance vol. 19 no. 2

An Empirical Analysis of Vote Buying Among the Poor: Evidence from Elections in the Philippines
Tristan A. Canare, Ronald U. Mendoza, Mario Antonio Lopez
Published at South East Asia Research vol. 26 no. 1

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