WP 2020-15: Disaster impacts and financing: Local insights from the Philippines

Working Paper 2020-15
Disaster impacts and financing: Local insights from the Philippines
Arlan Brucal, Viktor Roezer, Denyse S. Dookie,  Rebecca Byrnes, Majah-Leah V. Ravago, Faye Cruz, Gemma Narisma


The Philippines is a country with high exposure to natural hazards and with limited resources for dealing with them. It is therefore vital that available funding for disaster preparedness and relief is allocated based on accurate forecasts and evidence. Disaster Risk Managers play an integral role in the delivery of disaster preparedness and relief. A 2016–17 survey of Disaster Risk Managers identified important differences in how Managers perceive risk and their levels of preparedness across the country in light of differing storm impacts since 2009. Pre-disaster preparedness receives less funding than post-disaster relief. Greater financing for preparedness, based on an improved understanding of Disaster Risk Managers’ perceptions and needs and better communication of future climate risk, is needed in order to help vulnerable communities more effectively before a disaster occurs.

Keywords: Disaster risk management, local governance, Philippines, hydrometeorological hazards