Minor in History

The Minor in History Program is designed for students who wish to immerse themselves in the discipline as a complementary field to their major course concentra­tion. As present-day realities trace themselves to the past, the study of history proves indispensable to a variety of fields, such as political science, business, and economics. The program equips students with tools and skills for historical research and analysis, enabling them to see present-day structures, processes, and situations as products of both change and conti­nuity over time. Their view of the world thus acquires greater depth and dynamism. The student is awarded the Minor in History upon completing, with a minimum grade of C, the following courses:

Hi16 Asian History (3 units)

Hi18 Western History (3 units)

Hi165 Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation (3 units)

Hi166 Philippine History (3 units)

Hi191 Historical Methodology or Hi192 Philosophy of History (3 units)

Any 2 History electives (6 units)

TOTAL: 21 units

Students interested in pursuing the Minor in History may request for detailed guidelines and application forms from the Department of History.