Wui, Ma. Glenda L.

Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Houston Ph.D. Sociology, National University of Singapore M.A. Sociology, University of the Philippines-Diliman B.A. Philosophy, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught: 
SocSc 11 - Understanding the Self
SA 105 - Practicum 1
SA 103.2 - Sociological Theories II
SOAN 292.1 - Research in Social Systems
SOAN 197.1 & 197.2 - Ateneo Social and Cultural Laboratory 1 & 2 (currently teaching)
Research Interest: 

Youth civic engagement, Social context of education,  Curriculum for linguistically diverse students, Social movements, Migrant workers

Year Title Authors
2019 Contribution of home language and literacy environment to English reading comprehension for emergent bilinguals: Sequential mediation model analyses
Jackie Eunjung Relyea , Jie Zhang, Yu Liu, & Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2019 The cross-lagged relations between teacher-student relatedness and reading achievement of academically at-risk students.
Imelda S. Caleon &
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2017 Designing a socioscientific issue curriculum on space exploration: Dialogic inquiry approach for English learners. 
Jie Zhang, Sissy S. Wong, Jackie Eunjung Relyea, Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Uchenna Emenaha
2017 Personal strengths and perceived teacher support as predictors of Singapore students' academic risk status
Imelda S. Caleon,
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui,  Ching Leen Chiam, Ronnel B. King, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan & Chee Soon Tan
2016 Academically at-risk adolescents in Singapore:  The importance of teacher support in promoting academic engagement 
Imelda S. Caleon, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui,  Ching Leen Chiam, & Ronnel B. King
2015 Examining the struggles for domestic workers: Hong Kong and the Philippines as transnational sites of activism
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Dina Delias
2015 In pursuit of Filipino domestic worker rights and welfare: Discursive framings by NGOs in Hong Kong and the Philippines.
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Dina Delias
2015 Moral foundations and attitudes towards the poor Michelle Low & Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2015 Cross-cultural validation of the academic motivation scale: A Singapore investigation


Imelda S. Caleon,
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan,  Ching Leen Chiam, Chee Soon Tan & Ronnel B. King
2015 Personal beliefs as key drivers in identifying and solving seminal problems: Lessons from Faraday, Maxwell, Kepler and Newton
Imelda S. Caleon,
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Ma. Hershey Regaya
2014 Worlding activism: Transnationalizing the movement for domestic workers in Hong Kong and the Philippines
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2010 Transnational social movement: Exploring its emergence, organizational form, strategies, collective identity: A literature review
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2007 Integrating information communication technology in Philippine public high schools: A case study on the Coke ed.venture project
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2006 The Philippine human rights movement in the changing times: Challenges and prospects
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2006 People, profit and politics: State-civil society relations in the context of globalization
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Teresa Encarnacion Tadem, Editors
2005 The poor on trial in the Philippine criminal justice system
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
2003 People’s initiatives: Engaging the state in local communities in the Philippines and Thailand
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui & Chantana Banpasirichote, Editors
1997 State-civil society relations in policy-making Marlon A. Wui & Ma. Glenda Lopez, Editors
For journal revision Open classroom climate uniquely predicts civic engagement among young urban adolescents Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui, Jie Zhang, Sissy S. Wong, Jackie Eunjung Relyea & Rosa Nam
Under journal review Civic engagement as empowerment: Examining the civic engagement of Asian American youth Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui
Under journal review Improving argumentative writing of early adolescents through dialogic inquiry of socioscientific issues Jie Zhang, Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui, Rosa
Nam, Jackie Eunjung Relyea & Sissy S. Wong
Under journal review Teachers’ practices and beliefs on the use of Spanish and literacy integration in middle school bilingual science classrooms Araceli Enriquez, Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui,, Jie Zhang, Sissy S. Wong, Lana Kharabi-Yamato, Jackie Eunjung Relyea & Huan Zhang
Under journal review Academic vocabulary instruction and socio-scientific issue discussion in science classrooms for linguistically diverse sixth-grade students Jackie Eunjung Relyea , Jie Zhang, Sissy S. Wong, Courtney Samuelson & Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui


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