Senior High School boys urged to show the Ateneo Way to girls, transferees

June 15, 2016
Dr. O gives her welcome speech

In an orientation held for the Ateneo Senior High School (SHS) students, Principal Dr. Carmela Oracion asked the high school boys to “take the lead” in demonstrating the Ateneo Way to the new students.

“It means so much and the meaning is better shown in deeds rather than in words. So I would like to ask our Ateneans to please show the Ateneo Way from this day onwards,” she said.

The SHS orientation was also the 1st time the Grade 10 graduates were able to meet the transferees and the very 1st batch of SHS girls.

Students are sorted according to strands

The students were already clustered by strand or academic tracks such as the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Strand, General Academic (GA) Strand, Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strand.

Each will focus on the basic subjects in the mentioned fields in preparation for the students’ preferred courses in college.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Oracion also explained to the students how a co-ed senior high school will be good for the Ateneo.

A group of boys talk about the mechanics of the game during the intersession

“It can be a major enhancing element for the SHS that will improve the quality of students and their actions, inside and outside their classroom,” she said. “It will also be a good preparation and head start for all of you for college.”

She also considered that the new co-ed system could be an awkward and unusual adjustment but said she hoped for the better.

“I am confident that after a while, this will become a general norm at the Ateneo Senior High School,” she said. “Through our basic education programs, we hope to have wise and confident people who have compassion for others and to help you live out your commitment to the society.”

One of the SHS girls listens to the joke of the boys

In closing, she said that the teachers wanted the SHS to be the students’ arena where they will learn where to work their hardest, celebrate achievements but also face defeat.

“Learn from your failures and successes. We want you to learn how to dream big and to dare greatly in the SHS,” she said, “so that you may always dream big and dare greatly in life. That is the Ateneo Way.”

The other topics discussed during the orientation were the school policies, schedules, grading system and the Ateneo Vision-Mission.

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