SHS student wins 3rd prize in Palanca Kabataan Essay Awards

September 19, 2016

Alpheus poses while holding his certificateFor Senior High School (SHS) student Alpheus Matthew D. Llantero, winning a Palanca Award at a young age means aspiring to become better.

“I take this award as something that inspires me to become a better writer and to reach greater heights,” he said.

Llantero’s piece, “iThink, Therefore iAm,” won 3rd place in the 66th Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature under the Kabataan Essay category. He was awarded last Sept. 2, 2016 at the Peninsula Manila. Alpheus received a cash prize and a Certificate of Merit.

In his essay, Llantero talked about how social media affected the identity of the youth, saying, “It is dangerous to think that who we are on the internet is not who we are in real life.

He hoped that his piece could answer questions like “Will our identity be shaped to our benefit or detriment? Can you really be yourself in these times?” and that it could provide a little reflection on how people go about their lives in this information age.

“I’m not saying that we should be wary of the implications progress may have,” he said, “but that we should also examine how we are going to evolve because of progress.”

On writing his essay, Llantero said that his inspiration came from his own experiences using social media.

“What really contributed most was my own introspection into my own use of social media and how the relationships that were formed with people were so heavily dependent on it,” he said. He added that his friends, family and daily school activities also played a major role in forming his piece.

(Photo courtesy of Alpheus Llantero)

While Llantero said he was deeply honored to receive the award, there was still a lot of room for improvement in terms of his writing. As he aspires to become a better writer, he also serves as an inspiration to his fellow students who wish to join competitions and win as well.

His message, he said, was for them to pursue their passions. “Do what you love doing and winning will come with it,” he said.
Read Llantero’s winning essay below: