Miguel Cabradilla's 3-point shots at the ASHS Sportsfest 16 Oct 2018

CABRA-cadabra! Video shows Miguel Cabradilla’s sensational performance in the semis game between his class (12-Evans) and 12-Daniel on Oct. 16, during which he sank eleven 3-pointers! As of 9:00 am of October 22, 2018, this video is the most-viewed video ever posted on the Ateneo Senior High School Facebook page, with 46,103 views (and counting), 488 shares, and 925 positive reactions (likes, wows, and loves). THe previous record-holder was the Blue Babble Band's drumline exhibition during the fair in December 2017, with more than 37,000 views.   

(This video was shot and edited by Paul Y. Daza)